European Voluntary Service is a program for young people between 18 and 30 years old. The program covers all the costs and provide you an unbelievable experience which allows you to improve your soft skills.

Our current EVS volunteers:

Bojana Matuzovic

EVS 2016-2017
Volunteering is great way to visit different countries and become familiar with different cultures. Such experiences always expands my viewpoints and enrich me with new knowledge. Also, voluntering is a very good way to express a true belief in a cause you are volunteering for. It means that you are ready to contribute to the community without receiving monetary compensation for it. I believe that volunteering, if taken seriously, is a selfless act.

Gentiana Strugaj

EVS 2016-2017
Volunteering means taking action to improve lives to me. From the volunteering in CGE I expect to gain knowledge and skills that can help me put all the ideas in a real project.

Daniel Fernández Serrano

EVS 2016-2017
I wanted to experience something diferent, I have been studying the last four years non stop my bachelor degree. Voluntaring in an NGO is an amazing time to get some time off, i want to rethink a lot what i want to do next  year. At the same time i have always wanted to be part of an NGO and learn more about public policy.

Saadet Taş

EVS 2016-2017
I love working with young people as they are very energetic and enthusiastic. The only challenge they have is the experience. I am planning to provide them with as many intercultural and integrative experiences as possible so that they can contribute to their surroundings.

Linda Finkenzeller

Intern in 2017
Linda was amazing help in our team, contributing in every possible way with her positive attitude and readiness to face any challenges.

Adam Autobeere

Intern in 2017
Adam is Will Brand School of Public Policy’s student, who quite recently got engaged in civic society sphere. He is determined to try his hand in project management and assisting the trainers.