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We believe in the importance and fundamental imperative of equal opportunities for all, independent from national, social or personal backgrounds. We work towards open and peaceful societies in Thuringia, Germany, Europe and beyond that promote a diversity of thought, human rights and civic engagement.

To promote these values, CGE Erfurt e.V. provides a variety of educational opportunities and programs that bring together young people, adults and experts from across Europe to share and discuss their experiences and opinions. Doing so, it is our aim to encourage a mutual understanding that transcends national borders, social backgrounds and personal affiliations and work towards a shared identity as engaged citizens of Europe and the world at large.

The implementation goes through diverse learning opportunities like training courses, seminars, workshops, study visits, youth exchanges, work camps, volunteer services, symposia, conferences, forums and other formats with local, regional, national, European and other international partners on local, regional, national, European and international level through non-formal education.


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International locally.

Throughout its life, nothing has been as much a part of CGE as change, both in terms of trainings, youth exchanges and other opportunities we offer and the teams that provide them. An official host organisation in the European Solidarity Corps since 2010, we have a long history of giving our newest members a welcoming environment and the guidance needed to settle in.

We have found ourselves as occasional representatives and “international locals” that get to voice points of view and contribute to society not with, or for, but as internationals. We truly do come and follow approaches from outside of the local “box”. Not coming from anyone specific background, we are well aware that our contributions to life in Thuringia are unique in their very nature.

As one can imagine, this makes our offices in Erfurt an even more special place in an otherwise oft – and falsely! – overlooked city. So, why don’t you join us – for one of our seminars, our monthly movie nights or just for a chat?!