Moving Education Research Spaces Europe Forward

Since 2005, CGE Erfurt e.V. has implemented educational programs that place learners and communities as active agents of their learning processes

Through research, cooperation, and long-term engagement, we work with the spaces of social entrepreneurship, urban planning, climate action, migrant civic engagement, and more.

Our projects are supported by:

European Dimension within Non-Formal Education

For 17 years, CGE Erfurt e.V. has worked with a broad range of educators to develop peer-to-peer, non-formal, experiential learning experiences that place learners as active agents of their learning processes

Identifying challenges

Our projects undertake needs-analysis through a participatory approach with impacted communities.

Research & Analysis

Formal research, from desk-based, to action-based, inform all stages of our project lifecycles.

Work with target groups

Peer-to-peer learning is a key methodology used during activities; our target groups often co-implement.

Working Locally and Globally

CGE works locally in Erfurt, Germany, on a long-term basis, and manages global cooperations in Uzbekistan and the Philippines. We see new partnerships as an opportunity to bring our skills into new sectors and spaces, with the opportunity to cooperate on innovative projects.

Non-Formal Education

Project implementation takes place through diverse methods, such as training courses, seminars, workshops, study visits, exchanges, volunteer services, focus groups, conferences, forums and other formats with local regional, national, European and international partners through non-formal education. 

We aim to encourage a peer-to-peer learning environment, that transcends national borders, social backgrounds, and work towards a shared identity as engaged citizens of Europe and the world at large. 

Gamified learning experiences
Experiential Learning
Peer-to-Peer learning

Learning from experiences of one another is one of the key elements in our work

Open Access Hubs

Our technical equipment is available for innovators and activists in the local community


We strive to innovate in teaching methodologies as well as use cutting-edge technologies for educational purposes. The diverse technical background of our team members and equipments, available through the established hubs, allows CGE to bring innovation to every intellectual product we are working on.

Coding & Robotics
Media Hub
Drone Piloting
ICT technologies


Years of Experience


Projects Implemented


Volunteers Hosted


Intellectual Outputs

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