CGE Erfurt e.V. bietet einige Praktikumsplätze für deutsche und internationale Studierende im Bereich Projektmanagement, politische Bildung und Verwaltung einer NGO an. Alle Fristen werden individuell vereinbart.
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Im Oktober diesen Jahres schicken wir jeweils zwei junge Menschen zum Freiwilligendienst im Rahmen des „Europäischen Solidaritätskorps“ nach Portugal, Spanien, Russland, die Ukraine und Weißrussland.
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About CGE

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Erfurt, founded in 2005 and run by young professionals, who are designing, implementing and evaluating local and international youth projects. CGE Erfurt e.V. has more than 10 years of experience creating educational concepts, that allow participants to develop a self-defined strategy of learning in the framework of non-formal education.


Civic Education

For many years, education has concerned itself with preparing people to coexist with their peers and assume the responsibilities that exist in society entails. Today, more than ever before, educationa...
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Unemployment is one of the problems that an individual may face today. According to a report from Eurostat, as of March 2017 an estimation of 19.716 million men and women in the EU-28, of whom 15.515 ...
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Media Literacy

With the widespread use of social media, information is spread easily. Hate speech online, spread of fake news, irresponsible and inappropriate usages of different social networking sites are some of ...
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Sustainability & Well-being

CGE also works on various initiatives that promote sustainable development and the well being of the people in the community particularly the youth. The organization believes that to be able to live o...
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These are our projects done in the last 6 months.


Start & End Date: 01.03.2019 - 31.08.2021 Place: (Germany) Participating Countries: Germany, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Italy Project Partners: CGE Erfurt e.V., MalopolskaProvincionalOffice, TC...


Start & End Date: 01.09.2019 - 31.03.2022 Place: (Germany) Participating Countries: Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Lithuania, Greece Project Partners: University of Hannover - AGOR...

Show me a Future II – Dare 2 Dream!

Start & End Date: 01-06-2019 - 31-05-2020 Place: (Germany) Participating Countries: Germany, Greece, Estonia, Italy, Romania Project Partners: CGE Erfurt e.V., MTÜ NOORTE...


Start & End Date: 01.02.2019 - 31.01.2021 Participating Countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, United Kingdom Project Partners: Plattform e.V., European Digital Learning Network,...

Latest Posts


Actors of Urban Dialog // First Online Get-Together With Partners

All projects start with a single meeting, and on March 17th, our 32-month long EuropeAid project, “Actors of Urban Dialog: Growth of Activism in Uzbekistan” brought together its partners to informall...

Community Goes Europe 3: Meet Artem Firsov

Привет! My name is Artem Firsov, I was born in Siberia, Russia, but for 5 years I have been living in the southern city of Krasnodar. (more…)...

Unsung Hero Dialogues: Local Event on Civil Society in Thuringia

Podiumdiskussion „Zivilgesellschaft in Thüringen – ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?“ The UHD project aims to challenge the working conditions for civil society workers, through awareness ...

Unsung Hero Dialogues: Podiumsdiskussion „Zivilgesellschaft in Thüringen – ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?“

Das UHD Projekt zielt darauf ab die Arbeitsbedingungen von zivilgesellschaftlichen Akteuren durch Aufklärung und politische Reformen zu verbessern. Dazu werden sieben Politik- und Aufklärungsvera...


Aleksandra is an Administrative and project coordinator at CGE Erfurt e.V. Currently Aleksandra is doing her Master of Science in Economics in Friedrich Schiller University Jena with the specialization in Innovation and Change. She has a broad experience in NGO’s administration, project management, in particular Erasmus+ funding projects, as well as marketing and economic background. Aleksandra has successfully completed European Volunteer Service program by Erasmus in the European Youth Education and Meeting Centre in Weimar, which equipped her with skills and competences in non-formal education

-Aleksandra Polivana

Mike is a Project Coordination Assistant at CGE Erfurt. He studied MA Philosophy, Science and Society at Tilburg University and has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for 6 years. At CGE, Mike hosts Game Night, an open, monthly, social event at CGE, and helps organise and facilitate meetings and Youth Exchanges for various projects, primarily Show Me a Future II and DEMOGAMES. His areas of interest are Philosophy of Mind, Social Psychology, Empathy, Gamefication and Mechanisms.


Natalia has finished her Master in Public Policy at the Willy Brandt School at the University of Erfurt. Her research thesis topic was “The European Union strategy to counter fake news from a regulatory perspective”, which is relevant to the activities of CGE in the area of media education. Her degree in Legal and Social Sciences from the faculty of Law of the University of Chile also helps her in the work as project assistant.

-Natalia González
Dr. Ammalia Podlaszewska has solid years of experience working in the interdisciplinary and trans disciplinary setting of urban planning studies and architecture, leading research and project management as well as developing syllabus and teaching methodology for formal and non-formal education. She also a lead project manager and researcher for sustainable education and has implemented a variety of projects funded by German Foreign Ministry; KA1 Erasmus+ Projects; KA2 Erasmus+ Projects, Interreg European Central Project, and the local project funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Thuringia Ministry for Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection. Currently at CGE she serves as a Chairwoman.
-Ammalia Podlaszewska
Zafar is the Managing Director of CGE Erfurt e.V. He is experienced in programme/project management, project development and evaluation, overseas experience and an advanced academic degree in Public Policy. He has Bachelors degree in Management and Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Erfurt, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. Since then he also worked as a Programme officer at the PLATTFORM e.V. Prior to his Master studies, he gained experience in project management, fundraising, coordination, project development and evaluation in various international organizations and NGOs such as USAID, The Pragma Corporation, UNDP and OSCE.
-Zafar Saydaliev
Marina is a graduate of the School of International Economic Relations and Tourism Business, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Her scientific field of interest lies within convergence of knowledge, technology and society (CKTS) with the focus on U.S. and EU science policy. She did her European Voluntary Service in European Youth Education and Meeting Centre in Weimar, thus gaining extensive experience in non-formal education. Marina is also a member of Ukraine Debate Federation.  
-Marina Bykova
Moritz is a project coordinator at CGE, an inter-disciplinarily trained social scientist, NGO-administrator and writer. Having studied in Jena, Vilnius and at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Erfurt, he left university with degrees in Governmental Studies and Public Policy and has been writing about the impact of the web on society writ large and structural challenges to today's societies since the late 2000s. At CGE, he develops and implements projects on structural problems in today’s Europe such as the future of the European idea, how to effectively combat far-right populism by means of remembrance and education, or the active participation of refugees in European civil society.
-Moritz Borchardt
Grigoriy has been involved with CGE since May 2016 in different capacities – from participating to organizing workshops and assisting with organizational tasks. Currently, he holds a Master’s Degree from University of Erfurt in Public Policy. His focus of interest and experience is on Educational Policy and International Development, particularly addressing the digital divide. He is an RPCV and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique between 2012-14.
-Grigoriy Grigoryev