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Projects we are working on right now.

BOLSTER - Horizon Europe

Supporting marginalized communities affected by EGD-related policies and involving them in decision-making processes for transition plans.

Actors of Urban Dialogue - EuropeAID - Uzbekistan

Empowering and connecting urban activists for community development.

PLANET4B - Horizon Europe

Understanding and influencing decision-making on EU and global level affecting biodiversity.


Teaching ICT competences to younger generations.

Digital Routes@Culture

Revitalising cultural heritage spaces using AR tools for young entreprenuers.

Think Social

Migrant women empowerment for social change via building entrepreneurship competences.

Intercultural Trialogues

Connecting migrants, youth centers and civic spaces for inclusion and integration.

Placemaking for Inclusion

Engaging youth workers in co-creation methodologies of urban spaces.

Migration in Dialogue

Brindging migrants and civic societies for more inclusive communities.

Go Visual

Unlocking the potential of visual communication in non-formal education.

New Pathways

Identifying and promoting best-practice in supporting long-term unemployed adults into education pathways.

United Generations

Bridging the generational divide for education beyond the classroom.

Theater as a collective language

Connecting research, policies and practice on migrant inclusion through non-verbal drama-based methods.

Community Goes Europe 3

Volunteering placements throughout Europe for community change.

Roles We Play

Developing educational long-term simulation role-play game aiming to build competencies of young people in addressing intercultural learning and human rights.

Labirint 3.0

Capacity building program for youth workers on outdoor education.

YOUth Lead Peace

Promoting non-violence and supporting peacebuilders and activists for human rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Wake Up Cities!

Bringing together urban professionals, activists, academics, youth workers amd to facilitate synergies between the urban and pedagogical world.

Global Bio Gardens - ESC

Supporting autonomous, multicultural, sustainable, socially inclusive gardening project of migrants in Erfurt.

Community Goes Europe 4

Volunteering placements throughout Europe for community change.

Sprachcafe - ESC

Supporting mingrant-led initiative of a meeting and learning place for people from all parts of the world.


Supporting youth democratic and civic engagement and reinforcing the importance of citizen involvement and representation in the European decision-making process.

EDUGAME – Educational Games Development

Creating educational games for social and educational purposes.

The Missing Peace

increasing participation of young people within peace and reconciliation processes through long-term capacity building of youth workers, peacebuilding practicioners and civil soceity actors.

Youth Sail - EuropeAID - Uzbekistan

Fostering human rights education among emerging civil society organisations and youth in Uzbekistan.

Actively Critical - Critically Active

Equipping young people with crucial in the post-truth era skills, such as critical thinking and information literacy and inspiring them on European values and active citizenship.

Women Entrepreneurship for Inclusion

Supporting women of Fergana valley in gaining valuble wok-related skills thorugh practice and with the support of seed funding.

In follow-up

Projects, that are finished, and inspire us for further innovation.


Integrating migrants through social entreprenuership opportunities. A transnational and local incubator of social enterprises.

urban atelier

Compiling the experience of urban practitioners from European urban scientists from France, Germany and Russia.

Digital@Youth Work

Upgrading youth workers' skills in digital competences education.

Community Goes Europe

Bringing Europe to local communities through volunteering placements.

Actors of Urban Dialogue - Russia

Capacity building and networking for urban activists in the Russian Federation.

Unsung Heroes Dialogues

Researching labour rights within European Civil Society.

Connected Learning

Mapping eudctaion providers using cutting-edge online platforms.


Coding and robotics to improve young people employability in the Industry 4.0.


Equipping youth workers with the tools to teach digital competences.

Back2theFuture - Redefining post-mobility

Collecting best practices in the follow-up and evaluation of mobility actions.

Brave New You - reloaded

Hyperlocal engagement of young people with barriers to participation.


Redefining citizenship in the digital age.


Civic and democratic education through board games.

Community Goes Europe 2

Volunteering placements throughout Europe for community change.

One Radio

Involving young people in creating podcasts for popularising radio culture.

InFormal Evolution

Connecting universities and NGOs to bring non-formal methodolgies into the lecture hall.

Labirint 2.0

Capacity building program for youth workers on outdoor education.

topics we work with

We work towards open and peaceful societies in Europe and beyond that promote a diversity of thought, human rights, civic engagement, as well as skillsets for the workspace of tomorrow.

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Digital Education
Migration Policy
Urban Planning
Climate Action
Media Literacy
Civic Education
Sustainability & Well-being
Peace & Reconcilliation

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