Focus Group Discussion — Placemaking for Inclusion

On 16.10.2022 in Altenburg, CGE team visited FACK e.V team to have a project discussion with young people and youth workers about placemaking for inclusion. During discussion, total 11 participants from different fields took part to create inclusive places and social spaces together.

The main idea of ​​our event was to give young people a platform for dialog in creating vision of how a public place and social space can be improved. What plays a role, what we have to pay attention to and what are relevant competences in this step.

We found that such aspects as the importance of placemaking, the individual goals, digital aspects, target group and phases of the project were discussed and clarified. In placemaking for the youth, inclusion is really important to empower the ownership of the projects. For example, it has been found that the more self-managed the initiative/action is, the better it has worked. For that reason it is important to engage young people to the projects from the beginning in order to increase the sense of ownership, and the sustainability and continuity of the project.

During the discussion we discussed possible difficulties and problems in the realization of individual youth projects. The first problem was the conviction of the goal/view, or rather several obstacles regarding the people who might be against the new idea. Secondly, a lack of acceptance of new projects by the administration and thirdly, a complicated and labor-intensive funding process.

But the participants also had an incentive to improve something. For example: developing more tolerance, understanding, responsibility, energy for activation and motivation among younger generation.

At the end, the participants did feedback round, where they generally discussed and evaluated today’s topic. Our discussion today about “placemaking” was carried out successfully and there were no major deviations from the previously created concept. The participants rated the project very positively. All participants were very interested and enthusiastic about the project and would like to keep in touch with us and make further plans regarding placemaking.