Democracy and Games: Analog and Digital Game-Based-Learning Tools for Youth Work

Start & End Date: 01.09.2019 – 31.08.2022
Place: (Germany)
Participating Countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Switzerland
Project Partners: CGE Erfurt e.V., Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe, Asociación cultural Da2 Trucados, INSTITUTUL INTERCULTURAL TIMISOARA, Demokrative – Initiative für politische Bildung
Number of Participants: participants

Grant Giver: Erasmus+
Funding Program:
Grant Amount: 342229 EUR

Democracy places high demands on citizens. Political decisions have an impact on many different areas of life, they often affect future generations or neighbouring countries and they are influenced by international and global developments. One sixth of the world’s population is young and the importance of youth participation for the future of economic, societal and political development is widely acknowledged. Democracy education enables young people to recognize and represent their interests, to participate in political processes and, in doing so, to meet their fellow human beings and their concerns with respect.

The project DEMOGAMES is based on the didactic approach of game-based learning and applies it to teaching young citizens on democracy. Mediated knowledge on democratic processes, norms and values often remains abstract. In contrast, highly complex facts can be conveyed in an activating, participative and engaging manner through game based learning. With the project proposed here, several game based learning tools will be designed and later on applied in promoting democracy education in youth work and non-formal education with the main purpose to engage, connect and empower young people. We are confident that democracy education can lead to greater understanding of democratic processes, norms, and values and increase the ability of young people to effectively participate in society and political life.

DEMOGAMES will advance democracy education with respect to learning about, through and for democracy. Our objectives are to introduce young citizens to the topic of democracy in an engaging and participative way by playing analog and digital games. The active participation in playful units awakens young citizens’ interest in the subject and promotes experiential learning. The project includes several activities for young people and practitioners in youth work and non-formal education to engage in discussions on democracy related topics beyond their local, regional or national experience.

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