CGE Erfurt e.V. has been working with the former Youth in Action program for several years. We have planned and realized our own projects and have been cooperating with partner organizations all over Europe. Considering the project CGE Erfurt e.V. is included in planning, implementation and post-processing of the project. In the preparation period we, as partner organization, are first of all responsible for the selection of German participants.

From our experience, the range of activities of our organization include promotion of educational development and creative thinking, employability, participation and ICT mindset among youngsters, as well as among adults. For instance, we have observed in recent years that through successful modelling approaches for the integration of unemployed young people under 25, who have completed vocational training or university studies, especially in view of the lack of professional experience, it is possible to increase their employability and participation by intensive career assistance and active support. These and other non-formal methods of education and tools are proven to have an ability to fill the void in formal education and training, by integrating these methods with life experiences and practical examples. This is also related to young people involved in social and cultural field. As a result, the successful methods and tools can be transformed into effective policies in order to establish a structured system of youth empowerment. Therefore, our organisation is constantly working on development of various project models and systems, aimed at promoting sustainable and effective youth participation structures at the local, national and regional levels. However, existing possibilities and opportunities for an exchange of best practices in this field in the European region opens up the new horizons for us, where we could share and transfer the knowledge we developed with other like-minded organizations from different countries. This is especially relevant in the context of youth participation in social development, creative and cultural industry, economic growth, policymaking, entrepreneurship education, urban development and planning, which have been now applied at the local and regional levels in Germany, but can also be shared and transferred to other European regions. At the same time, successful and effective methods from other European regions can also be tested in Germany.