Volunteers 2017-2018

Frederico Carreiro

Portugal, Sintra
The time I have spent doing EVS has been truly a lifechanging experience. I not only got to learn a lot of new skills in areas in which I had never worked, such as social media management and coding, but I also got the time and the space to implement my own projects, learn and reflect about myself and what I want to do with my life, and meet countless extraordinary and motivating people coming from different places and backgrounds.

Ondrej Holan

Czeck Republic

My EVS in CGE was a great experience. I entered the world of NGOs which is full of entrepreneurs and highly motivated people willing to help. I found myself here some new hobbies such as theater and singing class. Lastly, I had the opportunity to organise my own event, interactive language café called SprachBar.

Volunteers 2016-2017

Bojana Matuzovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gentiana Strugaj

EVS for me is a life changing experience. I really learned a lot for such a short time. The volunteering year was the best time of my life so far!

Daniel Serrano


Saadet Tas


Volunteers 2014/2015

Vele Georgiev

Republic of North Macedonia

Volunteers 2011/2012

Gergina Radeva


Volunteers 2010/2011

Elena Kragulj


Edoardo Ulisse


Amina Abodoma


Ruzica Devic


Urszula Kieżun


Volunteers 2009/2010

David Petrovich


Marina Diaz