Mission, Vision & Aims

We believe in the importance and fundamental imperative of equal opportunities for all, independent from national, social or personal backgrounds. We work towards open and peaceful societies in Thuringia, Germany, Europe and beyond that promote a diversity of thought, Human Rights and civic engagement.

To promote these values, CGE provides a variety of educational opportunities and programs that bring together young people, adults and experts from across Europe to share and discuss their experiences and opinions. Doing so, it is our aim to encourage a mutual understanding that transcends national borders, social backgrounds and personal affiliations and work towards a shared identity as engaged citizens of Europe and the world at large.

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[ap_li]develop and implement programs in non-formal education for young people and adults in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany and Europe;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]convey values like peace, democracy, solidarity and sustainability;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]support active citizenship and the integration of all people despite their social status, origin, skin colour, religion, sex etc. in society;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]create active and result-orientated activities; to address problems and challenges of the society in the fields of education, environment, politics, economy, social, law and culture;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]promote participation and entrepreneurship mindset among youngsters;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]support ICT development and integration with education;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]foster intercultural, inter ethnic and interreligious dialogue;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]enhance entrepreneurial and opportunity recognition skills of young entrepreneurs[/ap_li]
[ap_li]assist regional and local authorities in implementation of regional policies on youth empowerment and entrepreneurship;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]carry out research activities on entrepreneurship promotion, sustainability and development;[/ap_li]
[ap_li]activly promote cultural diversity and to fight against racism, discrimination, group-focused enmity and nationalism.[/ap_li]

The implementation goes through diverse learning opportunities like training courses, seminars, workshops, study visits, youth exchanges, work camps, volunteer services, symposia, conferences, forums and other formats with local, regional, national, European and other international partners on local, regional, national, European and international level through non-formal education.