ONE RADIO 1920-2020

Start & End Date: 01-01-2020 – 31-12-2021
Participating Countries: Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Iceland

Grant Giver: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for youth
Grant Amount: 79362 EUR

OneRadio EU was born to celebrate 100 years of the first radio broadcast in the sense of musical radio history and we want to do it through the creation of a network of European strategic cooperation between organizations active in the promotion of youth participation in local activities , National and international. The main mission of the project is to encourage the participation and commitment of young people to the activities offered by local organizations as a way of developing skills and abilities that they can not develop in the field of formal education.

The project will allow the creation of 5 European web radios that will be able to retransmit their programs and publish podcast, post and updates in a dedicated web portal as well as through the usual communication channels of the partners. At the same time, the project aims that young people, guided by the members of the partnership, can create training modules that address current issues for them, such as addiction, cyberbullying, fake news, entrepreneurship, responsible economic management, etc.

They will be the direct and active participants of the project, being able to design the activities from the beginning and learning little by little to manage a true sustainable social enterprise thanks to the learning that we offer them.

The web radio represents an easy tool to know and use so that all young people, without any discrimination, can participate, and at the same time a way to improve the knowledge linked to the world of ICT and business management. In the medium and long term, the partners hope to expand the European network to new realities thanks to the collective effort we will make during the dissemination activities, with the aim of guaranteeing sustainability and increasing the number of similar initiatives in Europe.

Hence, it is essential to create a project of these characteristics through a European strategic partnership, having chosen partners with extensive experience in the management and implementation of youth activities locally and internationally. The partners come from Iceland, Italy, Holland, Germany and Spain, represent a geographical diversity sought to achieve greater cultural exchange and positive impact among young people, while allowing more experienced entities and others with limited experience, being able thus facilitating the exchange of good practices and the acquisition of operational and managerial skills and abilities. The partners also work different sectors of youth: all focus on disadvantaged groups, especially young people with economic, social, cultural and geographical difficulties.

Based on the analysis of the needs and competencies of each partner, we have recognized the following objectives for the partnership:
-Value the role of entities that work to promote youth aggregation;
-Building transnational bridges that allow for educational exchange;
-To encourage the development of skills linked to social entrepreneurship among young people, as well as the acquisition of skills that facilitate their insertion in the European labor market.

The partnership has developed a project that foresees the achievement of the following objectives:
-Creation of web formats innovative radios, replicable nationally and internationally so that they can involve more and more young people and be a tool considered high quality by educators and trainers;
-Dissemination of the learning opportunities offered by the EU-funded programs, thanks to which the project has the possibility of existing.
-Promotion of training content related to youth self-employment, with particular attention to innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The division of the tasks between the partners will be equal, although the coordination of the activities will be in charge of Ingalicia. The partners agree to designate different human resources for administrative and financial, technical, communication, evaluation, monitoring and dissemination activities. The partners also agree to organize a rotating coordination system for which every 6 months a partner will assume the coordination of communication, evaluation, monitoring and dissemination activities.

The capacity and competences of each partner in the development of activities linked to the promotion of European opportunities and the promotion of self-employment will guarantee the attainment of quality results.

The acquisition of specific skills and abilities in the world of communication, auditing and the creation of social enterprises will allow young participants to have more employment opportunities, both locally and internationally, as their profiles are visible on the web platform European that we will create.


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