Quo Vadis, Europe?

Start & End Date: 06.08.2017 – 13.08.2017 & 19.10.2017 – 26.10.2017
Place: Weimar, Dnipro
Participating Countries: Germany, Ukraine, Russia
Project Partners: Dnipropetrovsk regional youth non-governmental organization “MIKS” (UA), Social organisation “Academy of innovation” (RU)
Number of Participants: 21 participants

Grant Giver: Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (Stiftung EVZ “Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft”)
Funding Programme: MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters
Action Type: Youth mobility
Grant Amount: 26.814 EUR

The project addresses the current need of preparing multipliers for local communities with comprehensive understanding of European and world affairs and, therefore, more efficient and capable of finding solutions. The first part of the project will include discussions on democratic values, peace and conflict resolution as well as examination of such dangerous phenomena as nationalism and rise of the populist parties in nowadays politics. Simulation games on these crucial issues created during the exchange will be presented by the participants back home. The content of the second part will equip participants with skills and competences (e.g. leadership, crosscultural understanding, business development) required for bringing about a change. The questions on social media influence and social entrepreneurship will be raised during the seminar. By the end of this part concrete business ideas contributing to the social change on regional and country’s level will be presented to the local authorities and experts.
The project intends to increase level of engagement of young people in countering extremism, nationalism and populism, hate speech and also empower them to come up with ideas on strengthening civil society in their countries.

To reach the aims of the project, we designed two activities:
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[ap_tab title=”Youth Exchange in Weimar”]Youth Exchange held from the 6th till 13th of August in Weimar, Germany.

It was a youth exchange that introduced to the participants the notions of European
values and democracy, as well as covered issues of nationalism and populism. Through simulation games and moderated debate session participants worked together to establish links from the history to the present day problems such as extremism and expansionism, discrimination. To foster understanding of these matters the participants visited concentration camp “Buchenwald” near Weimar. Afterwards the concepts of peace and conflict resolution were presented and taught.
Case studies, LARP games, methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed will also be used during this stage. By creating and presenting back home their own simulation games on the aforementioned topics the participants will become multipliers and bring about the first change to their communities.

Number of participants: 21

Profile of participants: Young active people from Russia, Ukraine and Germany aged 18 to 30.
[ap_tab title=”Youth Exchange in Dnipro”]Youth Exchange held from the 19th till 26th of October in Dnipro, Ukraine.

This youth exchange will take place in Dnipro, Ukraine in September 2017. While the first encounter aims to increase awareness and understanding among participants on significance of what is happening right now in Europe, the second encounter aims to empower young people to engage in bringing shift in the local communities they come from. Set of sessions will equip the participants with skills and competences on how to raise their voice and be involved in building society of mutual respect, peace, justice and progress. The sessions will also include workshops on giving speeches, leadership, creating business plans. Such plans for social entrepreneurship will be outcomes of the second meeting and will be presented on the «Ideas Fair» to the local authorities and experts.

Number of participants: 21

Profile of participants: Young active people from Russia, Ukraine and Germany aged 18 to 30.


The project is designed in two phases, from 06.08.2017 to 13.08.2017 and from 19.10.2017 to 26.10.2017, in Weimar and in Dnipro, respectively.

In the first part of the project, participants receive inputs of political systems, critical thinking, democracy, nationalism & populism, and peace & conflict. Then, they are able to debate about these topics and start the main activity, which is the development of the simulation games.

In the second part, participants are equipped with other skills and competences, as leadership, cross-cultural understanding, and business development, which are required for bringing about a change. Questions on social media influence and social entrepreneurship are raised during the seminar, visits to local NGOs and Start-ups are planned, and the main activity of creating business ideas for social development is expected to contribute to the social change on regional and national levels. By the end of the week, the outcomes are presented to local authorities and experts.


The expected impact of the project is to:
– Improve the understanding of the participants on the issues countering nationalism, populism, extremism and expansionism, and hate speech;
– Promote civil critical examination of history with the help of critical thinking;
– Providing space for the participants to explore and reflect on the respective topics to initiate process of intercultural learning and learning from each other;
– Encourage and inspire young people to raise their voices to bring about changes;
– Equip the participants with competences on business development and skills such as leadership, cross-cultural understanding, public speaking etc.


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[ap_testimonial image=”https://scontent.ftxl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/298153_619805578027_589537791_n.jpg?oh=a4bd60211f724d3790c3b77e3f7a9bc6&oe=5B23AE6F” image_shape=”undefined” client=”Grisha Grigoriev” designation=”Participant of Activity. 1″]
The atmosphere of the exchange was fantastic! We’ve learned about non-violent communication, de-constructed populism, had a parliamentary debate exercise! But above all learned from each other and about each other. I’m very glad to be part of “Quo vadis, Europe”!
[ap_testimonial image=”https://scontent-frt3-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14040107_522317201299676_3662491191586501813_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=41ef341146509b021c33ad495c050e06&oe=5B605D5B” image_shape=”undefined” client=”Katja Höreth” designation=”Participant of Activity. 1 & 2″]
For me, participating in “Quo vaids Europe?” in Weimar and Dnipro had many valuable aspects: I was able to reflect political systems and our Europe today in a new way, as well as social envolvement of people in society. I got to know different points of view due to my Ukrainian, Russian and German fellow participants, learnt a lot by listening to their experiences and their realities back home and widened my understanding and my love for their culture(s). These fellow partipants became my friends and through this way even my heart was touched that we share the same history but also the same desires for the future, wich connect us strongly. This connection was an ispiration to believe in the mutual energy we have to go towards a good an healthy future.

Dissemination Materials

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Script of The Plagueville.

Script of Quo vadis, Solonia?.

Script of The Island.[/ap_toggle]