Show me a Future

Start & End Date: 14.07.2017 – 20.07.2017
Place: Mühlhausen
Participating Countries: Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Spain
Project Partners: Associazone Culturale Strauss,UNITED SOCIETIES OF BALKANS ASTIKI ETAIREIA, EUROCIRCLE, Associacion Amigos de Europa
Number of Participants: 25 participants

Grant Giver: Erasmus+
Funding Programme: Key Action 1
Action Type: Youth mobility
‘Show me a Future’ is a project to use popular media and pop-culture such as science fiction, which are traditionally used to escape the world and problems we live in, as a platform to discuss ideas for a shared European future and the issues Europe faces today.
In doing so, our exchange will encourage its participants to think about current issues in Europe from a historic perspective and enable them to be more aware and active members of the European community.

To reach the aims of the project, we designed one activity:
[ap_tab_group type=”horizontal”]
[ap_tab title=”Youth Exchange in Mühlhausen”]Youth Exchange held from the 14th till 20th of July in Mühlhausen, Germany.
During this youth exchange participants discussed what is the role and impact of modern media and popular culture in societies today, what are the outcomes and implications of the power of modern media and popular culture in today’s society and politics, how does current media and pop-culture portray the future, what are the larger narratives prevalent in and across today’s Europe and how do these narratives influence our ideas of the future of Europe.

These questions were framed and discussed in the context of the participants’ own ideas of the future in their immediate, national and international environment, the values and policies they want to see enacted and the necessary steps to see them realized.

Number of participants: 25

Profile of participants: Young active people from Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Germany aged 18 to 30.


At the core of Show me a Future was the observation that most modern media coverage is following a problem- not a solution-based approach to the challenges Europe and the global community face in the 21st century. Thus, it was our aim to encourage our youngsters to think more positively about the world they are growing into and are making their own.
Consequently, our participants looked at:
– The past – researching and presenting ideas about the future developed in their own countries
– The present – analysing the philosophical and political messages of popular franchises such as Happy Potter, the Matrix, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, etc
– The future – imagining and writing headlines from the year 2047 about how today’s challenges have been overcome
Following this, they then developed and conducted 90 mins-long sessions for their colleagues on topics of their own choosing.


Through Show me a Future, the participants have gained new, more positive, insights into the world, media and pop-culture they are surrounded by daily. Similarly, our approach of looking at the solutions rather than on the problems as ends unto themselves encouraged them to proactively interact with their surroundings, seek and pursue solutions to issues on a variety of levels. The sessions self-developed by the participants, in diverse international groups, provided a safe space for them to discuss and tackle issues they are passionate about in creative ways – and led to the development of many local and international projects that were developed by the participants over the course of the week.


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