Start & End Date: September to November 2016
Place: Erfurt (Germany)
Participating Countries: Germany and Greece
Number of Participants: 1 participant

Grant Giver: Robert Bosch Stiftung
Funding Program Start
Grant Amount: 5750.00 EUR

During 2 months, CGE hosted a Greek cultural management under the capacity building project “Start” from Robert Bosch Stiftung Bosch. During these two months, Kassiani Kafetsi had the opportunity to learn and experience how NGO’s and cultural managements work and function in Germany and she got to use this knowledge to implement, under the guidance of CGE’s team, a short term project of her own – Re_Puppet. Upon her return to Greece, she started a longer project around the same topic, using the tools and skills she gained while working in CGE and implementing her short term project.
As a result of this project, the participant prepared and implemented two projects:
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[ap_tab title=”Re_Puppet”]Workshop held from the 11th till 13rd of November in Erfurt, Germany.

During the three-day workshop a group of children learned the secrets of puppetry, imagined stories and constructed characters and settings using recycled materials and non-organic trash they had brought from their homes. This initiative aimed at bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the cultural sector, switching the current perception of trash, and educating children about art through participation and co-creation. Using experimentation, play and curiosity as motivation, the initiative sought to promote interactive and horizontal learning, where all of us are artists. It started with the question “How do you imagine the world and what does the city of your dreams look like?”, the children then built-up their story using collective intelligence and their creativity. on the third day, the kids performed their story and the video of the process was presented in a public event. This project was a collaboration between Maria Kikidou, fellow of Plattform e.V., and Kassiani Kafetsi, fellow of CGE Erfurt e.V

Number of participants: 14

Profile of participants: Children aged 8 to 12.
[ap_tab title=”Svoura Project”] Socio-culture initiative held from December 2016 to May 2017 in Aegina, Greece.

Upon her return to Greece, Kassiani implemented a longer project around the same topics: Svoura Project. You can read about it here

Number of participants: 18

Profile of participants: Children from the 1st Junior High school of Aegina.