Y+3E – Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Education

Start & End Date: 26.10.2018 – 03.12.2019
Place: Weimar (Germany)
Participating Countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain
Number of Participants: 25 participants
Project Partners: Hellenic Youth Participation (Greece), Associazione Internazionale
Per La Cooperazione E L’educazione Nel Mondo (Italy), Youthopolis (Romania) and Viaje a la Sostenibilidad (Spain)

Grant Giver: Erasmus+
Funding Program Key Action 1
Grant Amount: 22,311.00 EUR

According to Statista, in general, unemployment rate in the European Union has been on the rise since the 2008 financial crisis. Unemployment has been affecting not only the older generation but also the younger minds of the EU. As of 2018, the average rate of youth unemployment in the EU is 16.1 %. Moreover, Greece, Spain, and Italy remained to be the countries with the highest youth unemployment rate in the region with 43,7%, 36% and 31.5% respectively. Meanwhile, Germany is on the bottom three of countries with the lowest youth unemployment rate.

As a dedicated organisation in the youth sector, and possessing a large expertise in the fields of education and training for young people, in cooperation with other partner organisation who identify the same issues in their communities, CGE Erfurt e.V. has decided to address the need for providing a setting for young people to gain skills and practical knowledge in order to enhance their entrepreneurial competences through Erasmus+ initiatives such “Y+E3: Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Education”.

1. To empower the youngsters of the participating countries by equipping them with entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes based on the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework;
2. To provide a venue where the youngsters of the participating countries can interact and exchange stories, ideas and best practices with each other regarding youth unemployment, and entrepreneurship;
3. To enhance the creativity and innovativeness of the participants by asking them to draft, design and conceptualise an entrepreneurial venture;
4. To present them the different opportunities that Erasmus+ could offer in order for them to develop and improve their competences, which are fundamental in finding jobs.

To achieve these results, two activities are planned:

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[ap_tab title=”Advanced Planning Visit”]

Activity 1 is an Advanced Planning Visit (APV), held between the 26th and the 29th of October 2018, in Weimar, Germany.

The APV will be participated by the team leader of each partner organisation. This activity will serve as a venue for the youngsters to finalise the programme of the activities of the upcoming Youth Exchange. Furthermore, during the APV, the participants through their respective team leaders will have the chance to directly share their inputs about the venue, the food arrangements and other house rules that need to be observed during the YE.

Number of participants: 5

Profile of participants: Team leaders who will represent their group, from 18 years old onward.

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Activity 2 is an Youth Exchange held between the 25th of November and the 3rd of December 2018, in Weimar, Germany.

The youth exchange on the other hand is a venue and opportunity for the youngsters to work and learn together with and from their fellow youngsters from different parts of Europe. The YE is also planned with an aim of producing a new generation of youth entrepreneurs. This activity will help the youngsters to have a wider perspective on the subject matters through the principle of doing by learning or experiential learning. The YE also aims to empower the participants hence during the event, some workshops will be led by the participants.

Number of participants: 25

Profile of participants: Young people between the age of 18-30, interested in entrepreneurship, migrant issues and youth empowerment.


CGE Erfurt e.V., through this project – Y+E3, aims to empower the youngsters of the participating countries by equipping them with entrepreneurial competences that will improve their employability and market value using non-formal education methods/tools.


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