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Street Workout Each One Teach One is a project that aims to connect organizations that are willing to promote Street Workout in urban areas and to build capacities for the implementation of Erasmus+ projects.

The project is designed to build network of organizations working with young people from disadvantaged urban areas and provide high-quality non-formal educational and mobility opportunities. In planned activities the participants will exchange experiences, share their culture and values, broaden their horizons, build capacity and promote Street Workout through Europe as healthy lifestyle. Also, project partners will learn how to use the Erasmus+ program to develop future European projects in their urban environment, for implementing mobility activities and providing high-quality non-formal learning opportunities where young people can gain deep understanding for active citizenship, unemployment reality, respect for diversity, inclusion and develop their key competences. There are four main activities designed in order to reach the project goals, which are;

1. Training Course in Weimar, Germany between 07.03.2016 – 13.03.2016 The Objectives for the Training Course were to establish international partnership among organizations willing to implement future Street Workout projects in the frame of Erasmus+ program; to gain knowledge for the Erasmus+ program and its opportunities; to exchange experience in the field of work with young people with fewer opportunities and gain competences for implementing non-formal education activities on local and international level; to recognize the challenges and benefits for international youth work; develop capacity for in preparation full scale project proposals. Youth workers, Street Workout organization presidents and leaders, persons representing group of citizens and staff from different NGOs participated in the activity.

2. Advanced Planning Visit (APV) in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina between 16.06.2016 – 19.06.2016 Aims and Objectives of the APV were to prepare the youth exchange with the partner organizations; to have a look at the infrastructure in the host country and find solutions to potential problems. In order to gain international experience and gain experience in non-formal education by leading workshops, the team leaders that will lead the group in the Youth Exchange participated in the activity.

3. Youth Exchange in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina between 01.07.2016 – 11.07.2016 The objectives of this Youth Exchange are to promote cultural diversity and mutual respect among young people through Street Workout; to learn YouthPass Key Competences and experience them during the Youth Exchange; to gain understanding for entrepreneurship, enhance entrepreneurship competences and detect entrepreneurship opportunities in Street Workout; to promote Street Workout as healthy lifestyle and engage young people through improved street workout training infrastructure; to increase mobility among young people from problematic urban areas through Erasmus+ Program. Young people with fewer opportunities from deprived urban areas, and/or people involved in Street Workout or willing to learn more through Street Workout are going to participate in the exchange.

4. Evaluation Meeting Venue in Tallinn, Estonia between 08.09.2016 – 11.09.2016 The aim of the evaluation meeting is to evaluate implemented activities in the frame of the project. The Objectives for the evaluation meeting are to recognize the challenges in work with young people with fewer opportunities with the topic Street Workout; prepare for dissemination and follow up of the project. 24 participants form Activity.1 and Activity.3 are going to be involved in the evaluation meeting.

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