EVS Biking Tour to Drei Gleichen

On one of the last weekends of August CGE crew (Ondra Holan & Mikaela Petrakieva – the , Marina Bykova) together with friend EVSer from the EJBW, Sonya Pyshneva, and couple of other nice fellows, Haytham Atef & Tornike KaTchiuri, made a biking trip to one of the most fantastic places around Erfurt – Drei Gleichen 🏰.

The name for the area “Drei Gleichen” is said to come from an old tale: in the middle of a May night of the year 1231 a lightning ⚡️ kindled all three castles at once and they were seen like blazing torches from far away in the whole country. However, some historians have another, quite dull explanation: they believe that one of the three castles, the “Burg Gleichen”, gave the area its name.

The biking tour 🚲 started from the Erfurt Main Railway Station (Hbf), went through Steigerwald forest 🌳, several towns 🏠 (Bischleben, Ingersleben, Neudietendorf, Apfelstädt) and then directly to Drei Gleichen area. We hiked with our bikes to the top of the hill to enter an almost thousand years old fortress Burg Gleichen. Ramshackle walls welcomed us inside and let enjoy a snack over the bird-view of Schloßleite. Overall we estimated to cover 45 km distance.

We came home that day, tired but happy, with more than five hundred pictures 📸 made on the way. It’s possible to can check them here by clinking on the link (bit.ly/EVSbikingtour).

If you are interested in joining us on such lovely bizarre trip or you have your own idea of how to spend time with international folks in Erfurt, write us an e-mail ✉️ on: evs@cge-erfurt.org. We look forward to your responses! 😉

Photos: Marina BykovaTornike KaTchiuri


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