CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Solidarity Architects!

We are inviting you to apply for our upcoming project:

“Solidarity Architects; Youth deconstructing walls of exclusion!” which will take place in 22.03 – 30.03.2018 in Mali Iđoš, Vojvodina, Serbia. Anyone who is between 18 and 30 years old and who is resident of Germany, Hungary, Macedonia or Serbia can apply!

This project is made in cooperation between CULTURE GOES EUROPE – Soziokulturelle InitiativeErfurt e.V. (Germany), Volonterski centar Vojvodine (Serbia), Peace Action (Macedonia) and Utilapu Halozat (Hungary).
The project is realised with the support of the ERASMUS+ and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport – Thüringen.

It will be realised through two activities:

Youth Exchange I which took place between 19.11 – 27.11.2017 in Hütten, Germany

Youth Exchange II which will take place in 22.03 – 30.03.2018 in Mali Iđoš, Vojvodina, Serbia

This call is for the Youth Exchange II and it is open for participants who are residents of Germany, Hungary, Macedonia and Serbia.


During the last few years we have been facing a serious humanitarian crisis which is taking away lives, homes, human dignity and questioning democratic values we believe in. Out of the fear from other people new fences and walls are built, people are dying of cold in front of door steps and human lives are not valued.
Under the pressure of media, negative stories, fear and other demotivating influences we often find ourselves in a very passive position and without a clear picture where and how to start influencing and changing things we disagree with. In the surge of such a vast and overwhelming crisis we are unable to see the value and significance of small scale actions.
This project will tackle the topic of solidarity and deal with the actions of solidarity by addressing the current refugee crisis in Europe. We believe that it is very important to find our motivation to start small scale actions within our local communities.
Since the main topic addressed through this project will be solidarity and actions of solidarity as a resistance to indifference, apathy and insufficient policy responses to humanitarian crisis of our time, we will put emphasis on the importance of taking responsibility over shaping and creating own surroundings, societies.
Thematic concepts of YE 1 and YE 2:

During the first YE (in Germany) we looked closer into the reality of WWII through lenses of displacement, exclusion and solidarity actions. We understood how common people responded to the prosecution and captivity of those who were seen as the outcast of society.
Also, we examined the obstacles towards altruistic action and at the same time explored the dimensions of solidarity and personal responsibility.

The second YE (in Serbia) will focus on the practical aspects of solidarity. The participants will be introduced with various activist approaches to the crisis, their pros and cons and impact on the refugees and host societies. We will exchange the insights into significant movements within own countries and Europe, and solidarity practices initiated by civil society. By the end of YE, we will equip ourselves with a set of tools which will be applicable on a local level and enable us to act upon the return to home countries/places. During this YE we will develop idea for follow up solidarity actions which will be implemented by participants once they are back in their local communities.


Anyone who is between 18 and 30 years old and who is resident of Germany, Hungary, Macedonia or Serbia. All workshops will be condusted in English, therefore participants should have solid language skills.

IMPORTANT: Participants should be highly interested in the topic and willing to implement follow-up actions in their local communities.

We are looking for 6 participants from each partner country.


The second youth exchange will take place in Mali Iđoš, province of Vojvodina, Serbia. We will be accommodated in the Salaš Katai (you can see how the place looks like on the following link: Mali Iđoš is located 1 hour away from Novi Sad.
The place of venue has all the basic facilities including a restaurant and wireless Internet in restaurant and lobby areas. The venue is surrounded by nature and offers all necessary facilities for work & fun.
The food served will be vegetarian.


Accommodation and food will be provided by the organisers for the whole duration of the exchange.
Travel costs will be covered based on the country you are coming from;
Germany – 275,00 EUR
Hungary – 180,00 EUR
Macedonia – 180,00 EUR
Serbia – 20,00 EUR


In order to apply please fill in this application form.

Deadline: 18.02.2018


If you have any additional questions contact us!

Bojana Matuzović
phone:+49 -1573 323 66 54
Jovana Škrijel

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