CGE is moving home!

Who is smiling from the new office? It’s CGE crew!

CGE is moving! Only a few kilometres across Erfurt and to an exciting new NGO hub, but after over a decade on Iderhoffstraße, it is quite the change.

Where to?

Saline 34 is a vibrant community house in the North of Erfurt, which is well known for its creative residents, such as painters, media educators, photographers and music initiatives, and for its charming and creative ambiance. CGE will share the building of Saline 34 with other residents and the Social Impulse Hub, giving us a unique opportunity to work side by side with inspiring people in an open-space hub, where we can exchange ideas and receive cooperative support. 

In other words, this is the perfect home for an NGO like CGE which aims to embed itself in the local and international community! As well as providing access to a network of peer community organisations, Saline 34 also offers residents access to the Social Impulse Hub, which provides a shared working space with access to the internet and a kitchen to prepare refreshments. Being a multifunctional room, the working space is also used as a seminar room for courses and workshops, a room to exchange ideas, or even as an exhibition room to present ready-to-be-founded ideas, providing CGE a great resource for future initiatives.

Farewell Iderhoffstraße:

CGE has spent a little bit more than 12 year in the walls of old printing house on Iderhoffstraße. It’s been a long way: many members have joined and left the organisation, the board has seen its radical change there too. But the future is bright! ☀️ We have a new office and we are ready to make a cozy home for the association!

Renovation adventure:

November has been a very active month for everyone within CGE, on top of our usual activities we have been preparing our office space within Saline 34. Our first-floor office needed moderate renovation, such as installing a heater and chimney, recovering floors, and preparing walls for a new paint job. We aim to move in by late December, here’s the renovation adventure so far in pictures: 

Civil society is often analogised to the homemakers of society, making the house of the world into the home of various communities and embedding appreciation for fundamental rights and democracy within the culture of these communities. And while this conceptual home is always appreciated, the physical bricks and mortar and the network of Saline 34 offer a home and launchpad for many more youth projects and initiatives to come!

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