Taskforcome: Workshop on Modeling the Customer Journey

This Friday afternoon, within the Taskforcome Social Impulse Academy, Martin Arnold-Schaarschmidt facilitated a workshop that walked young social entrepreneurs through the concept and practice of ‘Modeling the Customer Journey’. Helping participants to break down key questions around the viability of their business and social enterprise ideas and walk through the practical steps of testing the viability of a business idea. 

This workshop was created within the program of TASKFORCOME, which aims to address two of the major challenges of the EU and its member states: the socio-economic integration of migrants and the potential of social innovation for social and economic development.

Within pairings of mentors and mentees, participants explored the Key Propositions, Key Actions and Key Resources of their project, as well as their Target Audience, Customer Segments and Cost Mapping

In the last half of the workshop, the young entrepreneurs mapped out a two week plan to test their model, focusing on the questions of:

  • What do I need to test? (for example, testing the demand for a service)
  • What do I need to do to test? (for example, putting up a flyer for a mock service)
  • How will I know the result of this test? (counting the responses to this flyer)

We are very excited to see the ideas emerging, with projects looking locally and internationally at various social and economic opportunities and issues that young entrepreneurs can engage with and be a force for change and social innovation. 

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