TASKFORCOME: Guest Talk with Ronny Lessau & Stefan Feichtinger // One-Stop-Shop

As part of our Taskforcome One-Stop-Shop activities, we organised a Guest Talk & online Q&A session with local entrepreneurs and activists. This activity is part of a broad range of actions and supports we are organising to support social innovation, in particular for young migrants, through our Social Impulse Academy. 

Our participants met Ronny Lessau (Kreativ Tankstelle) and Stefan Feichtinger (Youth Garage e.V.) and discussed how entrepreneurs and social activists were managing in the current situation in Thuringia; looking at what kind of businesses are open and which projects are thriving.

Ronny Lessau – is a gifted event manager and organizer, co-founder of WirGarten Erfurt, Kreativ Tankstelle, Stadtgarten 2.0 and Copy-Shop 2.0.

Ronny spoke about his experience of a transition from the public sector to the private sector, moving from working for the German Government to becoming a social entrepreneur and transitioning from life and business in Berlin to life and business in Erfurt. 

Participants had an extended Q&A with Ronny, where he explored the experience of running  pandemic and gave advice to some of our social impulse academy residents on their business concepts. 

“You need to do, you need to try, and then you will see if it works”

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Stefan Feichtinger – is a local activist, board member of ART for LIFE e.V. and managing director of Youth Garage e.V., co-organiser of World Cleanup Day action in Erfurt 2018/2019.

Stefan introduced us to the work of the Youth Garage, from the World Cleanup Day, to Solidarity projects, to Adult education and Youth Exchange projects, and gave an overview of how the pandemic has impacted their organisation, which was founded in 2018/19. 

During the Q&A, Stefan talked through the experience of working within a young NGO – exploring the journey of accessing funding, integrating into the local and international community and the lessons they have learned. Stefan also discussed Social Impulse Academy Resident’s business ideas and gave advice on next steps   

“Look for the ‘Hidden Agenda’, why is the person there? For some, it is making money, or fulfilling their dream, or improving the world.”

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About the Social Impulse Academy 

The TASKFORCOME Social Impulse Academy aims to promote start-ups and initiatives with a lasting impact on the community. The Academy’s focus lies on social entrepreneurship, a form of entrepreneurship, that enables to make a positive change for both – the society and the new entrepreneurs themselves. The Social Impulse Academy offers regular workshops, networking events, team challenges, and social hackathons, which will not only ground the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship but will also help keep spirits up and schedules busy.

The Taskforcome program is supported by Interreg – Central Europe.

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