COMPASS // Co-Creating Communications with Young Migrants

How can NGOs effectively relay crucial information about services, education, training, and social opportunities to the new migrant communities that need them, especially reaching the most marginalized individuals?

Project Number: 2022-3-DE04-KA210-YOU-000100908

Co-Funded by the European Union as a partnership in the field of youth

To tackle this issue, our project will leverage a co-creation approach, partnering with young migrants to understand their needs and to empower them as information multipliers within their own communities. Over the course of 18 months, our consortium will engage a community of new migrants from Ireland, Germany, and Portugal. This engagement will involve running parallel consultations on communication methodologies, implementing a hybrid training course/working group activity in Weimar, Germany, and conducting four local dissemination activities.

The project is committed to improving the quality and outreach of youth work, innovating current practices, and promoting the principle of inclusion and diversity across all educational services. The initiative targets a wide range of stakeholders, including education and integration service providers, educators delivering educational programs within the consortium’s networks, formal and informal civil society entities, and most importantly, new migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Some consortium members are less experienced in long-term international cooperation and half are newcomers to the KA2 programme, this project is seen as a great opportunity to learn, grow, and actively engage in the co-creation of training and communication efforts. The key to success is our meaningful access to migrant communities, facilitated by the fact that part of our consortium is migrant-led. This ensures that our initiatives remain rooted in real needs, experiences, and aspirations of the people we aim to assist.


  • DE – Project Coordinator – Institut für Berufsbildung und Sozialmanagement gGmbH (Migration Counselling and Education Service operating across Thuringia)
  • IE – Eurobug, International Youth Work Training and Collaboration Limited (Migrant-Led NGO)
  • PT – Associação “Fortes Sempre” (Migrant-Led NGO)

Project Structure:

  • A1: Kick-Off Meeting in Germany
  • A1.2: Survey and Focus Groups with Past-Participants of Programs
  • A2: Working Group and Training Course in EJBW, Weimar. Connecting 25 young migrants and project managers to explore how opportunities can be communicated better, and how young migrants can become multipliers of opportunities within their own communities
  • A3: Local Implementation – Each partner will work with A2 participants to co-create calls for participants in IE, DE, PT

If you would like to be involved in the research phase of this project, you can complete this survey, that is aimed at prior participants of Erasmus+ mobilities:

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