Actively Critical, Critically Active // Youth Exchange – Adventure Exploring New Horizons

From August 16th to 24th, we embarked on an exciting journey in Mühlhausen, Germany, as part of the Actively Critical, Critically Active Youth Exchange project! This project took us on an exciting journey to master the art of Critical Thinking and Media Literacy in a world bursting with information. Picture this: 22 young people from different corners of the world, sharing ideas about youth rights, community involvement, and even cracking the code on fake news! The participants learned to how to detect fake news, digital rights, actively create content to touch people’s hearts, launch an online campaign to spread the word about critical thinking. And the best part – immersing themselves in German culture and making friends from across the globe. All together!

Photos: Fatima Azadli

The opening day was all about the participants getting to know each other and taking part in team-building activities. Then, on the following day, the real deal began with the official workshop kickoff! During this session, participants took the opportunity to express their expectations, concerns, and intended contributions. They also set personal learning objectives and explored the potential opportunities offered by Erasmus+ for their respective organizations.

Photos: Fatima Azadli

On the third day, things got super creative and futuristic! The team kicked things off by trying to predict what the world will be like in 2040 by using LEGOs to show off their imagination. Plus, they picked up some useful tricks to search for information like pros using Google. And let’s not forget about managing data online – they got the lowdown on how to keep everything neat and tidy in the digital world. It was like a crash course in becoming tech-savvy superheroes!

Photos: Fatima Azadli

Moving on to the fourth day, the team dived into the world of artificial intelligence and how to tell what’s true in the digital age. They also learned how to be smart digital citizens. It was all about becoming pros in the digital world!

On the next day participants learned super cool tricks by making the most out of ChatGPT. They also explored digital activism by creating content and even making personas for online communities. And guess what? They even got to make memes – how fun is that? It was a day full of creativity and tech skills!

Photos: Fatima Azadli

The sixth day was all about exploring the Thuringia Region and soaking up inspiration. The team had discovered Erfurt, the capital city of Thuringia, and created lots of memorable moments. It was a day of adventure and good times!

Photos: Fatima Azadli / Aisha Moustafa

In the days that followed, the focus shifted to harnessing the power of videos for educational purposes, crafting impactful campaigns, and generating a wide range of creative content. Throughout it all, they continued to have an incredible time together, making memories that would last a lifetime!

Photos: Fatima Azadli

A note from the organisers

This youth exchange has been conceptualised, prepared and run by a group of young people from Germany, Poland, Ireland and Portugal.

We would like to thank our funding institutions for their unwavering support: the Thuringian Ministry for Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection and European Union (which co-funded the project through the Erasmus+ programme).

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