#artofdev The Art of Development: A Transformative Journey

The “Art of Development” program was an eight-day adventure that left us with lasting memories and valuable experiences. Our journey was a captivating blend of self-discovery, personal growth, and the exploration of youth work, coaching, embodiment, and creative expression. It happened in Georgia in Misaktsieli on October 23- November 1, 2023 and that’s what happened.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth

The program kicked off with a vibrant beginning, introducing our diverse team and aligning our vision for the days ahead. It was a day of engaging icebreakers, storytelling, and self-expression activities. The program’s seamless flow and strong sense of involvement were evident from the start.

Day two continued the journey as we delved into emotions, reflection groups, and workshops. Thought-provoking questions, exploration of emotions, and coaching sessions inspired us. We appreciated the program’s adaptability to our needs and the extra resources provided.

On day three, we focused on self-discovery and personal growth. Coaching, effective questioning techniques, and embodiment sessions deepened our understanding of ourselves and our abilities. 

Day four marked self-reflection and empowerment with coaching, the power of voice, and aesthetic dance. Participants were motivated, and the program’s strong team was highly appreciated.

A day of rest and exploration in Georgia followed on day five, allowing participants to recharge their energy.

Practical Skills for Youth Work

Day six was a platform for sharing, learning, and practical skills. Notable sessions included competence development, practical youth work preparation, and workshop preparation. It set the stage for an exciting day of practical application in local schools on day seven. We delivered workshops in local schools, applying our learning to the real world.

Day eight marked the conclusion of the program with closing reflection groups, future planning, and a fancy dinner and Halloween party.

In the final evaluation, overall experience ratings ranged from 5 to 10, with an average of 8.24.

Participants praised the quality and quantity of the program’s sessions, its organization, and the profound impact on their personal and professional development. Participants’ feedback highlighted their profound connections and bonds with fellow participants, an enhanced understanding of the body’s role in holding emotions, and significant personal development, including the discovery of strengths and leadership potential. Additionally, they were inspired for future work in youth education, gained a deep understanding of coaching theory and methods, and emphasized the importance of effective communication. The power of embodiment was realized as they understood how the body expresses emotions, and they left with valuable new exercises and tools for their work with youth.

The #artofdev training was a transformative journey, leaving us with profound experiences and a newfound passion for youth work. Check the diary of the training course in our Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/innovative_generation/ and some photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.325140543552946&type=3

Amazing trainers: 
Raminta Rusovičiūtė
Gvantsa Mezvrishvili 
Vytautas Šliuburys

More Amazing people behind the successful project implementation:
Aistė Kašėtaitė
Dara Fokina
Gregorio Nuti
Marco Baldascino
Laura Poghosyan
Agija Jirgena

And the Amazing partners:
NGO “Innovative Generation” from Lithuania, 
Baltijas Reģionālais fonds from Latvia, 
NGO “Creative Youth Platform” from Georgia, 
Altera lab from Armenia, 
NGO Unit from Ukraine,  
“Culture goes Europe” from Germany.

Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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