Weltoffenes Thüringen // We stand up for diverse and cosmopolitan Thüringia

As CGE Erfurt e.V., we are deeply committed to fostering a Thuringia that is open to the world and celebrates diversity. We envision a Thuringia where people of all origins, beliefs, and orientations are not only welcomed but also thrive in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion.

This vision is the driving force behind our participation in the alliance “Weltoffenes Thüringen,” a dynamic coalition of over 2,000 dedicated individuals and institutions. Together, we are stronger, and our united efforts symbolise a vibrant, inclusive community.

Your Support Matters: Endorse the #ThueringenWeltoffen Initiative

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join this transformative journey by supporting the #ThueringenWeltoffen initiative with your signature. Every endorsement brings us closer to realizing a Thuringia that truly embodies our shared values.

Why the Initiative Matters: A Call for Action

The #ThueringenWeltoffen initiative is more than just a campaign; it’s a declaration of our collective commitment to a democratic, tolerant, and humane society. Here’s what we stand for:

  1. Cosmopolitanism and Diversity. We champion a Thuringia where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated. Our goal is a society where every individual feels valued, irrespective of their background.
  2. Human Dignity and Rights. In acknowledging Germany’s historical responsibilities, especially in light of the atrocities of National Socialism, we advocate for unwavering respect for human dignity and indivisible human rights.
  3. Democratic Values and Rule of Law. Our commitment to pluralistic democracy and the rule of law is unshakeable. This stance is also a reflection of our learning from Germany’s experiences with past dictatorships.
  4. Welcoming Environment. We envision a Thuringia where everyone is not only accepted but welcomed in their uniqueness. Our diversity is our strength.
  5. Harmonious Coexistence. We strive for a society where peaceful and respectful interactions are the norm. There’s no room for prejudice, exclusion, or hatred in our vision of Thuringia.
  6. European Unity and Prosperity. We firmly believe in the ideals of European unification, representing peace, solidarity, and shared prosperity. Thuringia, in particular, has much to gain from a united and strong Europe.

Join Us in Shaping a Better Future

Your voice matters in this crucial endeavor. By supporting the #ThueringenWeltoffen initiative, you contribute to building a Thuringia that we can all be proud of — a region that shines as a beacon of tolerance, diversity, and unity.

Together, let’s make Thuringia a model for a world where everyone is respected and valued.

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