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Welcome to the latest update from United Generations! Our recent project, focused on connecting generations and integrating elderly people into today’s life, was a tremendous success. A huge thank you to the Fire Brigade House in Otočac for providing the perfect venue and generous hospitality.

Day 1: Getting to Know Each Other

Our journey kicked off with activities designed to break the ice and foster connections among participants of all ages. We started with a line-up activity where participants arranged themselves according to age, the distance they traveled, and their food preferences. This engaging exercise allowed everyone to learn more about each other in a fun way. Practicing greetings in various languages celebrated our diverse backgrounds, and name games with a ball helped everyone remember each other’s names. Presentations about the United Generations project were shared, outlining our goals and planned activities. A reflective session allowed participants to discuss their fears, expectations, and contributions to the project.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a peaceful stroll along the Gacka River. Participants paired up to discuss nature, their lives, and the topics central to our project, fostering deeper connections.

Day 2: Interactive Learning and Warm-Ups

Our second day featured Game Bingo, an interactive and enjoyable way to get to know each other better. Various warm-ups and energizers kept energy levels high and spirits lifted throughout the day. We conducted a workshop focused on learning numbers in English, which helped participants easily pronounce numbers and enhance their language skills for better communication.

Day 3: Cultural Exploration

Day three was dedicated to immersing ourselves in the local culture. We visited local natural reserves and lakes, exploring the natural beauty of the area and learning about its ecological significance. Our cultural exploration continued with visits to ancient cities and the Nikola Tesla Museum, providing a rich cultural and historical experience.

Day 4: Digital Skills and Local History

On the fourth day, we had a session with Antonin where participants learned to use digital tools for drawing and practiced English vocabulary simultaneously. This was followed by a session with Natalia, who explored modern messaging language, including common abbreviations and texting etiquette. We also visited the Gacka River springs and war-affected local villages to understand the local history and the impact of the war on nearby communities. In the evening, we engaged with local associations working with seniors, discussing their initiatives and sharing experiences.

Day 5: Embracing Technology and Creative Reflection

Our final day featured a workshop on generative AI and ChatGPT, where participants were introduced to using these tools for personal and professional tasks, expanding their digital literacy. We then created mood boards, both digital and offline, reflecting our experiences and insights from the project. Using Mentimeter, we conducted a final evaluation session to gather feedback and reflections. The project concluded with a delightful farewell lunch, celebrating the bonds we formed and the knowledge we shared.

We are thrilled with the outcomes of this project and look forward to more opportunities to connect generations and integrate elderly people into the vibrant tapestry of today’s life. Stay tuned for more updates and future events from United Generations!

For more insights and to see highlights from the project, check out the amazing reels made by Ana Lichtwer on Instagram here.

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