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Actors of Urban Dialog // First Online Get-Together With Partners

All projects start with a single meeting, and on March 17th, our 32-month long EuropeAid project, “Actors of Urban Dialog: Growth of Activism in Uzbekistan” …


Community Goes Europe 3: Meet Artem Firsov

Привет! My name is Artem Firsov, I was born in Siberia, Russia, but for 5 years I have been living in the southern city of …


Unsung Hero Dialogues: Local Event on Civil Society in Thuringia

Podiumdiskussion „Zivilgesellschaft in Thüringen – ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?“ The UHD project aims to challenge the working conditions for civil society workers, …


Unsung Hero Dialogues: Podiumsdiskussion „Zivilgesellschaft in Thüringen – ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?“

Das UHD Projekt zielt darauf ab die Arbeitsbedingungen von zivilgesellschaftlichen Akteuren durch Aufklärung und politische Reformen zu verbessern. Dazu werden sieben Politik- und Aufklärungsveranstaltungen in …


Community Goes Europe 3: On-Arrival Training of Sofia

From 15 to 20 of February, one of our volunteers had the European Solidarity Corps “on arrival” seminar.  It’s a one week seminar prepared by …


Back to the Future: First-Quarter Summary

Back to the Future: First Quarter Summary Follow-up activities and evaluation are essential tools and mechanisms to ensure that civil society is both making a difference …