Summer Coding School: Robotics Week

And so the second week of our Summer Coding School started, this time about robotics! 🤖 Don’t get scared, we don’t have any AI around us, just small cute orange friends from Meet Edison. The purpose of this week is to teach the participants how to program a robot on the base of the knowledge they received with the Microsoft Visual Studio classes last week. The software for Edisons (EdWare) has drag-and-drop feature, but even with easily put blocks you still need to know the functions that are dragged.

The first sessions were a combination of theory about robotics and the discussion about the type of robots that already exist in the world (e.g. LEGO MINDSTORMS or the ones developed by the Boston Dynamics). Then we moved on to the fields of application and the occupations which are connected to the construction or service for robots. Later in the day we also opened the magic boxes and started exploring the functional arsenal of the Edisons for the first time. Thanks to the Code and Youth Strategic Partnership and Erasmus+ Program the participants got couple of educational robots to work on.

👥 Trainers: Georg Müller & Marina Bykova.

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