Study visit to the Digital Bauhaus Lab

What can be more interesting then to find out that you passion can become your field of study and later on your job? Probably, very few things. That is why we had the study visit to the Digital Bauhaus Lab, where our dear participants could check out the place where research and practice meet.

The Digital Bauhaus Lab of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is an interdisciplinary research center, where scientists from the field of Computer Science and Civil Engineering, as well as artists, meet the challenges of the information society.

We had the opportunity to try on the 3D glasses and see the three-dimensional model of a castle somewhere in Luxembourg, to emerge in the VR using the HTC VIVE set and to learn how with the usage of thousands and thousands of picture it is possible to restore a historical object for the further research. All these prototypes aren’t just for fun, students actually develop them as part of their thesis or PhD work. So it’s both entertaining and contributing to the science.

We’re grateful to the Digital Bauhaus Lab for having us over and kindly showing all the tools!

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