CGE goes Oberhof!

Dear volunteers and great people of Thuringia! Do you want to experience a winter fairy tale? ❄️ Join us, we have an idea you might like! 😉

Winter Has Come to Thuringia! The forecast predicts to have extraordinary frost in the last days of February, so the CGE team decided to use the last warmth of the upcoming weekend and go to the fantastic town of Oberhof!

Oberhof is known to be is a winter sports center and health resort. The town has hosted many world and European championships in luge. It’s definitely worth visiting and enjoying in winter, since it provides various facilities for luge, nordic skiing, and ski jumping.

Not convinced? Take a look, what does the webcams from the venue show 📷. It’s a winter fairy tale!

Start packing your things. The instructions are following:

📍 Meeting Point – Erfurt Hbf (next to the benches)
⏰ Time – 09:00

We will go by train and buy a “Thüringen Ticket” for 5 persons for the whole day.

🎿 The costs are still in the process of calculating, but it’s estimated to be composed of ski pass (±10€) and equipment rent (±15-17€). We will also try to ask our friends to provide some of the accessories.

☕️ Drinks and snacks should be prepared in advance. CGE will get some of the good stuff to keep us warm 😁

If you have any question, please, contact our organiser Marina Bykova to take care of your concerns.

Bis bald, dears! 😘

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  1. ❄️ UPD on the Winter Fairy Tale Trip ❄️
    After profound research on the exact location and rent prices, the CGE team got the place! So, prepare your warmest socks and pants, we are going to… Winterwelt Schmiedefeld ⛷
    Right next to the renowned Oberhof is a small town Schmiedefeld, which host a picturesque Skipiste (ski run), where we plan to try our talents.
    ❄️ Rent & Skipass ❄️
    The facility provides renting services. For half a day, which we plan to spend there, the following numbers come up:
    🎿 ski: 10€,
    🏂 snowboard: 15€.
    🎫 Skipass for 4 hours will cost 12,50€.
    ❄️ Transportation ❄️
    ➡️ We will take the train (STB81271) from Erfurt Hbf to Suhl at 09:01, then a local bus (Bus 300) and will be at Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig around 10:30. From the city center there is a short walk up the hill (less than 1 km).
    ⬅️ For the way back, we plan to departure from Schmiedefeld at 17:17 by bus (Bus 300) in the direction of Suhl. From there take a direct train (STB81284) to Erfurt Hbf. It is estimated we will reach Erfurt by 19:00.
    🚂 We suggest those, who don’t have a student ID to consider the option of “Thuringen Ticket”, which covers all transportation from 00:00 till 03:00 of the next day.
    ❄️ Meeting ❄️
    Therefore, we would like to set up a new meeting in front of the Erfurt Hbf at 8:45 (sharp ⚠️) to have enough time to greet everyone and proceed to the platform.
    Questions left ❓
    Please, contact Marina Bykova for further information.

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