Father and Sons and Indigenous People’s Rights: Simulation Game in the Univeristy of Erfurt

On the 14th of April during the “Kickstart Your Career” event at the Univeristy of Erfurt, young people dived into the simulation game “Fathers & Sons”!

What is a simulation game? 🤔
Simulation game is a role-playing activity, which transforms participants into decision-makers and let them experience the roots and dynamics of a given situation/conflict. The method is a great tool to improve one’s social skills in general. Furthermore, simulation games foster a deeper understanding of the given topic, improve empathy and help to stimulate self-reflection processes.

The simulation game “Fathers & Sons” 🎭 tackles the topics of rule of law and the concept of good governance, resource management and rights of indigenous people, private enterprise growth and diversification. Each participant was given a cruicial role, that could influence the outcomne of the conflict, which rose after the construction company “Alfa” came to exploit the resourses on the land of rodovity, indigenous people living in Siberian forest. The negotiations with the region’s governor failed and the media was sneaking around escalating the tention between conflicting parties. What a challenge was to unwit the situation and fing a conclusion, which could satisfy all sides!

The exercise allowed the participants to live through a vital experience in a safe environment and explore the conflict management tools under the guidance of two facilitators from the CGE Erfurt e.V. team.

The game was developed during the “Simulation games – Building the Caucasus” project, in close cooperation of three organizations: CRISP (Germany), Center for Support of Network Initiatives (Stavropol), GIPP Club (Karachay-Cherkessia).


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