CGE in the European Mobility Week Erfurt 2019

One month ago CGE took part of the European Mobility Week in Erfurt, an international campaign that started in 2002 with the aim to achieve a healthier lifestyle and quality of life for European inhabitants through the promotion of clean mobility and a more sustainable public transport.

In 2019, during the week from the 16th to the 22nd of September, a total of 3,135 cities across Europe participated in the initiative, including CGE team members and hosted volunteers. During the campaign, actions from the city governments, NGO‘s, educational centers and enterprises tried to encourage this year topic: Safe Walking and Biking. This year CGE decided to join the initiative with three different events.

The activities were conceptualised, developed and implemented by CGE’s engaged volunteers and committed staff with support from the local Environmental Office. The main idea was to take advantage of CGE‘s International composition and bring ideas to promote mobility from across the globe.

For the first activity on 21.09.2019, we joined forces with the World Clean-Up Day movement to organise a Clean Up Walk along the Gera river to help the environment while promoting mobility on foot at the same time. In the afternoon, our second event, the Open University of Mobility took place in Erfurt’s central square, the Anger. The citizens of Erfurt could enjoy open sports classes like Zumba and Body Balance to experience active Mobility and discuss interesting topics like the mobility of the future, including public transport and international mobility opportunities in Erfurt.Our closing event on 22.09.2019 was the Social Dog Walk, initiated by volunteer Ana from Spain.

This initiative brought together dog lovers in Erfurt to highlight the benefits of walking your dog for mobility and for cities to have appropriate spaces.We would like to thank all those who joined us in these activities and especially our amazing volunteers…without you none of these events would have been possible!

And: See you at the European Mobility Week 2020!

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