Community Goes Europe 3: Meet Charalampos Dimitriou

My name is Charalampos Dimitriou, I am 26 years old and I come from Cyprus! 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with Psychology from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Manchester. During my undergraduate studies, I was a member of the Volunteers Club of the University, where we implemented various projects such as organizing cleaning days, assisting in events and fundraising. I was member of various NGOs and participated in projects regarding civic engagement and democratic participation. During my postgraduate studies, I was elected as the Student representative of my course, being the link between the students and the faculty. I helped solving students’ problems and concerns and participated in the faculty meetings and transferred the issues that the students were facing. As an avid supported of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, I was also a Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador of the Students’ Union. 

I like reading, travelling, meeting new people and journalism. 

After finishing my studies, I started working in an organization in Cyprus as an HR Trainee. As I am a person who values gaining new experiences and loves learning about new cultures, I decided that it was the best time for me to participate in a European Project. 

Community Goes Europe 3: Together We Are Stronger seemed the best fit for me. As I am interested in Youth Work and Education projects, this particular volunteering project had a lot of things to offer me and a plethora of learning opportunities. 

Moreover, the idea of living in Germany seemed exciting. Coming from one small island, to one of the biggest countries in Europe, is definitely one life-changing experience and a life lesson. 

I believe in the importance of equal opportunities for all, and CGE is a place that promotes equality and inclusion with their projects and their work encourages mutual understanding in the community and brings people together. 

I expect to be engaged in solidarity activities and actions that promote mutual understanding in the community. I want to contribute to the implementation of educational projects and learn more about how educational activities are organized, and how NGOs work in general. 

In this year, I want to help the organization with its project. Engage with the local community. Learn more about trainings, how NGOs work, the importance of European Projects and build my network. In addition to this, a more personal goal, would be to experience the local culture and learn the German language. 

Charalampos Dimitriou is an ESC volunteer at CGE Erfurt e.V., doing his volunteering from October 2020 till 2021, as part of the project “Community Goes Europe 3: Together We Are Stronger”.

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