Taskforcome: Workshop on Prototyping

After the success of our ‘Modelling the Customer Journey’ activity on the 13th of November, our Social Impulse Academy residents had two weeks where they were supported by CGE to engage in a testing activity. 

To review these tests and begin prototyping their concepts, last Friday participants gathered once more with Martin Arnold-Schaarschmidt, the Academy’s Trainer/Coach.

Social Impulse Academy 

The TASKFORCOME Social Impulse Academy aims to promote start-ups and initiatives with a lasting impact on the community. The Academy’s focus lies on social entrepreneurship, a form of entrepreneurship, that enables to make a positive change for both – the society and the new entrepreneurs themselves. The Social Impulse Academy offers regular workshops, networking events, team challenges, and social hackathons, which will not only ground the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship but will also help keep spirits up and schedules busy.

Testing Activity

The testing activity was a two week period, where participants took their knowledge from the ‘Modelling the Customer Journey’ and tested their business concept, with the goal of testing the concept, not hypothetically, but through concrete action, such as advertising sessions, requesting sign-ups, running events, or making sales while collecting data on the engagement to those activities. From paintball try-outs, to survey/sign-up sheets, to presentations at universities, we saw a variety of approaches to these tests. 

Prototyping Session

Martin led a reflection session on the testing activity, facilitating participants to critique each other’s activities and learn from the different approaches and experience. Building on this learning, participants moved into a session on Prototyping. In this session participants were introduced to theoretical models for customer engagement and walked their concepts through these models, before making concrete plans for next steps in their social business concepts. 

The Taskforcome program is supported by Interreg – Central Europe.

A sneak pic from the session running on November 27th, 2020.

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