Digital Routes@Culture: Kick-Off Meeting

Marina Bykova at the Kick-Off Meeting, presenting the project logo.

The first meeting of a multi-year strategic partnership striving to promote social entrepreneurial competences based on the digitalisation of cultural hertiage for a sustainable future.

Partners: CULTURE GOES EUROPE (CGE)- SOZIOKULTURELLE INITIATIVE ERFURT EV (Germany), Fundacja Mapa Pasji (Poland), ASSERTED KNOWLEDGE OMORRYTHMOS ETAIREIA (Greece), A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (Cyprus), Asociatia de Ecoturism din Romania (Romania), TEGYUNK EGYUTT AZ IFJUSAGERT ALAPITVANY (Hungary)

Digital Routes: Project Overview

Emerging from a severe financial crisis, Europe faces growing social inequalities, diverse populations, populism, radicalisation, and terrorist threats. New technologies and digital communication are transforming societies, changing lifestyles, consumption patterns and power relationships in economic value chains. In this changing landscape, the role of culture is more important than ever. The New European Agenda for Culture (2018) responds to the European Leaders’ invitation to do more, through culture and education, to build cohesive societies and offer a vision of an attractive European Union. It aims to harness the full potential of culture to help build a more inclusive and fairer Union, supporting innovation, creativity and sustainable jobs and growth.

Zafar Saydaliev is presenting CGE Erfurt e.V.

Project Objectives:

  • To develop an open, dynamic and interactive WEB PORTAL and MOBILE APP which will MAP the CULTURAL HERITAGE aspects using AUGMENTED REALITY thus allowing the potential to create CULTURAL ROUTES of tangible (monument, artefact, clothing, historic town etc.), intangible (skill, expression, performing art etc.) and natural (landscape etc.) spaces across each partner’s country using each region as the basis. –
  • To create the CLOUD BASED e-LEARNING and e-ASSESSMENT PLATFORM/ TOOL which will offer various functionalities such as,
    • – e-LEARNING tools, resources, material related to the project will be collected, uploaded and reviewed or created in order to support youth workers and young people
    • – e-COMMUNITY in order to exchange ideas, promote their work, ideas, products, services etc. supported by the creation of videos and story-telling.
    • – e-ASSESSMENT/ VALIDATION tool to be offered to all participants based on the idea of the Open Badges which will be based on the benchmarks and indicators defined as part of the CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURIAL FRAMEWORK to be developed for the monitoring and assessment of the essential skills.

Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting took place in early November, and focused on ensuring a common understanding of the project’s aims, overall plan, products, and time schedule. During the kick-off meeting, an overview of the project and all Intellectual Outputs was presented by each partner. The draft website and logo of the project was presented, and we prepared for IO1, the mapping of the various cultural heritage spaces, the collection of good practices among local initiatives, social entrepreneurship programs for YP, etc. and the development of a social entrepreneurial framework of the competences to be acquired and assessed through the Open Badges such as entrepreneurial, digital, etc. A template for the data collection, as well as the index, was presented and a discussion on the framework was facilitated.

Next Steps:

In the next months, the web-portal and Augmented Reality Tool will be developed and the information for the Digital Routes tool will be gathered by partners!

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