Join Us for the Unsung Hero Conference, 17.-18.09.2021 in Erfurt

After 18 months of work, research, and more than 40 events in six European countries, we are very happy to announce the Unsung Hero Conference of the Unsung Hero Dialogues project.

On September 17th and 18th, the conference will bring together experts, activists, and stakeholders of civil society in Europe, Thuringia, and Germany. In the two days of the program, we will discuss the strategic and financial situation of civil society, in Europe in general and in the project’s participating countries. 

The invited speakers and experts will use the knowledge and recommendations developed during the Unsung Hero Dialogues to add their individual expertise and discuss these findings in a variety of seminars and workshops.

Of particular relevance to the program will be:

  • The outcomes of the European Survey on the Economic Situation of Civil Society Workers
  • Local policy recommendations developed to support civil society in 6 European countries 
  • Policy recommendations for the European level

that will set the stage for in-depth discussions with activists and experts from more than 10 European countries. 

The event will take place in the Thuringian Centre for Start-Ups, opposite the Thuringian parliament in Erfurt, Germany. The official start of the conference will be at 2.00 PM on September 17th, and will close at 6.00 PM on September 18th.    

For more information about the conference, please follow this website, the Facebook page of the project, or contact the organising team at 

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