Community Goes Europe 3: Meet Andreea Kristea

Bună! My name is Andreea, I am 24 years old and I’m Romanian.

I lived in the United Kingdom for the last 5 years, where I attended university and worked. I enjoy being surrounded by people from various social and cultural backgrounds, which is why I decided to go abroad. 

I am not new to volunteering. I started when I was in my first year of high school for a local association that offered support to children from disadvantaged families after school. Then, I continued volunteering while I was in university. These experiences shaped my mentality and created new opportunities for me.

After I graduated from university, I got a full-time job straight away. But 2 years later I decided to continue with volunteering and take it a step further, at an international level. Until then, I collaborated only with local associations and I wanted to try something new. 

This is how I found CGE. I am really excited to volunteer for them because they offer me the chance to participate in international projects and develop myself. I have the opportunity to assist in the planning and developing of various projects. My tasks are never the same, there’s always something new to work on which makes this experience so exciting! It’s an ongoing process of learning and growing. 

I want to participate in as many projects as possible in the course of this year. I want to discover different cultures, learn about project management and NGOs, make connections and learn German. 

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