Card Game Night at CGE: First spring round announced!

If you have no plans for this Friday, come and join the Card Game Night at CGE! It’s the best activity to get to know yourself and your friends, meet new cool people and start a weekend from a positive note! Games are fun, they require concentration, readiness and creativity. Ready or not – come to us and improve your internal gamer. We start at 17:00 on 23d of March in the CGE office at Iderhoffstrasse 12! 

Which games will we play this week? Werewolf! Dobble! Halli Galli! 🎲 If this names tell you something and you are already an expert in one of them – great. Will see how good you are. If you never heard about them – even better, because half of us also never tried to play Halli Galli… The more fun it will be to try!

A brief description, hows and whats.

Werewolf –it is a team psychological step-by-step role-playing game with a detective storyline. You can be a hunter, or a witch, or a werewolf (not in the same time, it’s not a SPLIT). Play your role and try to survive till the very end.

Dobble – match funny symbols on the cards and try to be the first one, who through all cards on the table OR, opposite, grab as much as possible. Simple, fast and very funny!

Halli Galli – “Ring, ring! Halli Galli!” – better to train yourself in advance. It is important be able to count till 7 and see the difference between banana and plump. Despite such simple rules, it’s not so easy became the winner.

Some tips and tricks to reach the success:
[ap_list list_type=”ap-list4″]
[ap_li]You can trust your neighbor only in case, if your neighbor is a mirror.[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Be fast as much as possible.[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Get (or give) an accident slap is very pity. Try to control your body :)[/ap_li]

Have fun! We will be glad to see you this Friday!

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