Intercultural evening with Uzbek soul

CGE team is a little bit more than just a working collective with common interests and values. CGE – is a team, where professional ambitions and sincerely interpersonal relationship combine into an unbelievably good cocktail. We are almost family, that has own traditions, common holidays, office rituals.

One of the tradition – intercultural evenings at least once in a half-a-year. Last Saturday CGE got a chance to discover Uzbek national dish. Managing Director of CGE – Zafar Saydaliev – came to Germany from Uzbekistan and thanks God he didn’t forgot how to cook the most popular, world-wide famous and incredibly tasty … PLOV.

Indeed it is the national heritage of Uzbekistan! There are hundreds recipes and technics of how to cook perfect plov: some use different nuts, grapes, fruits and spice; other emphasize the role of the meat in the final result; and of course, a big nuance – which rice should we take for cooking. Truly it is a kind of art! And as we understood, CGE has a very nice plov-artist! Moreover in Saturday’s menu were other Asian, and specifically Korean, meals: KIMCHI (extremely spicy cabbage) and juicy SALTY CUCUMBERS (which were the first aid kid after the Kimchi’s hotness). That’s what we call “advantages of globalization”.

The best part about the intercultural evening was that it gathered people from all-over-the-world. Brazil, Indonesia, Germany, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Ukraine – soon we will be geographically-wider than EU, haha. To make the evening even better, last three hours we had played “Werewolf” card game. Perfect way get to know each other and find out who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. By the way, you are welcome to join CARD GAMES NIGHT, which we are organized each month in our office.

Take my advice – try the plov. The real one, not from the frozen shelves of supermarkets, but which was cooked in the national cuisine restaurant or cook it yourself. It worth it, Alexander the Great (who actually invented this meal) will not recommend bad stuff.


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