Card Game Night review: Citizens can sleep tight

On Friday, 23.03, CGE office for 4 hours transformed into a cheerful playground, where local youngster and students had fun.

If you never played the psychological role-playing “Werewolf” – believe us – it is interesting, intense and exiciting. The main task of the game – find out, who is the perpetrator in the game circle. At the same time you should act as your role prescribes you. After players got to know each other, they organised resistance movement against werewolfs in the town. And organised quite successfully, because out of three rounds of the game, citizens won twice! What participants had learned was to trust their ears, listen arguments and defences speeches.

Afterwards “Werewolf” guys played in “Halli Galli” and “Alias”. In “Halli Galli” boys almost destroyd the table, trying to be first to cling the bell (the main task – is to cling the bell, when you see a certain number of vegetables on your cards). And in “Alias” people competed in who will better explain the word without naming it. How would you explain the word “essence”? Or word “practise”? It’s not so easy, if you play with the partner for the first time… How many jokes, misunderstanding and funny moments we had during the “Alias” round! But for sure, now we understand each other much better!

To start your weekend from positive notes, join us in Card Game Night every month in CGE!


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