Game Night at CGE: Autumn Season’s Opening

On August, 16th CGE office hosted another Game Night, this time celebrating new season’s opening. Under the guidance of Mike Cotterell, the participants first got a taste of Munchkin Cthulhu and then proceed to the well-known Dixit.

All invited got quickly involved in the games and picked up on the playful spirit. The activity helped young people to explore themselves and get to know their friends better through the educative non-formal learning experience, which have very different objectives.

Dixit is an imaginative and descriptive game which pushes you to widen your vocabulary, to be creatively critical and interpretative. You must select your own card which most closely matches the selected descriptor, in order to fool your opponents, while you also attempt to select the correct card, and not one which belongs to an opponent.

Munchkin is a monster-fighting and dungeon-looting card game based on the idea of the original dungeon-crawling tabletop role-playing games or war games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Chainmail, or Call of Cthulu. As a character seeking adventure, you hear about the opportunity to acquire gold and magical items, so you investigate the dungeon or haunted house in search of treasure and fame, but around each corner danger lurks for the unprepared. The card game Munchkin relies on this central idea of fighting monsters and acquiring treasure. The first to overcome 10 monsters is the winner. But the other players can make this challenge more difficult for you, in order that they might prevail first. In this game, strategy and negotiation are key skills in advancing your own ability to succeed.

Here is a small review of the Game Night from one of the participants:
[ap_testimonial image=”″ image_shape=”undefined” client=”Tamara Puerto” designation=”Student of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy”]
Excitement is missing and e, an werewolf as well, here is the correct text: Whether you transform into a wizard that uses magical artifacts to fight menacing monsters or into a werewolf that secretly hunts citizens of the village at night, the game nights transport you to fantastic worlds and allow you to experience being under someone else’s skin while you learn more about your self and the other players. Excitement is guaranteed. You also have the chance to practice some strategic skills while having the best of times.

So, since August, the Game Nights are officially back in CGE! 🎉 Take your friends and join once a month, on Thursdays, one of the most existing activities in CGE’s schedule! We are going to dive into card games, board games and maybe event try a RPG one. Let’s see, how ready you are for the challenge! The game is on 😉

🗓 Dates: September, 20th; October, 18th; November,22nd; December, 12th
⏰ Time: 19:00
🏢 Place: Iderhoffstraße 12, 99085 Erfurt


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