Europe Quiz in Ilmenau

Last week CGE was one of the participants in Ilmenau University’s ErstiWoche activity. Our volunteers presented CGE’s activities and opportunities and tested the new students’ knowledge about Europe and its culture with a quiz. Do you want to try it out?

ErstiWoche is a study introduction week aimed at welcoming new Bachelor students at Ilmenau University. Comprised of several cultural and leisure events, it helps students getting to know each other, the campus and the city. CGE took part in the City Rally activity, where it had its own stand. This being the main attraction of the week, it was the perfect place to spread our message among young people. Even with the poor weather, the ambience was super friendly and the new students were keen on learning about opportunities in Thuringia, Germany and Europe.

Here you can read the testimonial of one of our members about the visit:
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Stadt-Rallye was a great idea for the new students to get to know each other through the activities and tasks that the stations had planned and also to get to know the city where they are going to be studying. We were able to quiz their knowledge on Europe in general and Germany, Ukraine, Portugal and Spain specifically, which was very interesting! It was a fun experience, but I wish the weather would have been more forgiving that day.

CGE’s proposed activity was a quiz about Germany and Europe, using interesting facts for the questions. Having volunteers from Portugal, Spain and Ukraine present, those countries were also mentioned on the quiz. Each team of students had to go through the 10 questions and was awarded points depending on their performance. The overall results were very interesting, with most of the teams answering the majority of the questions correctly! Would you like to try it for yourself? Are you up to the task?

Europe Quiz

Test your knowledge on Europe!
(TIP: Some of the questions might be related to our volunteers 😉)

How was your result? Would you like to know more about CGE and Europe? Send us an e-mail, we’ll share all our knowledge and opportunities with you too!

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