Duarte Lacerda

Building Bridges – A Podcast for Community Engagement

CGE has always promoted social integration and participation, as it believes in the benefits of belonging to a tightly-knit community, where everybody cares for each other. That’s why it’s now launching the Building Bridges podcast, a project intended to be a communication facilitator between society and civic, social and youth workers. Are you interested?

Robotik Know How! – Final Event Report

The past week, two of CGE’s regular volunteers, Grisha & Matee, became trainers in the third part of Robotic-Know-How Youth Exchange. With the assistance from Anneirudh Sundurarajan, they developed a detailed week of events, which coupled with the Croatian sun made for a memorable event!

TASKFORCOME: Kick-off Meeting in Krakow

Last week, from the 16th to the 17th of April, Zafar Saydaliev and Ammalia Podlaszewska took part in the Kick-Off Meeting of the project “TASKFORCOME: Transnational Action to advance Skills and competences FOR Community engagement and social Migrants Entrepreneurship initiatives in the Central Europe” representing our organisation.

Stadt Im Dialog 3: Final Activity

On December 1st and 2nd, the participants of Stadt im Dialog 3 met all together in St. Petersburg, Russia. They presented their project ideas to the open public and began shooting a video, in order to share their keen insight on peer to peer learning, with all of Russians speakers around the world.