TASKFORCOME: Kick-off Meeting in Krakow

Last week, from the 16th to the 17th of April, Zafar Saydaliev and Ammalia Podlaszewska took part in the Kick-Off Meeting of the project “TASKFORCOME: Transnational Action to advance Skills and competences FOR Community engagement and social Migrants Entrepreneurship initiatives in the Central Europe” representing our organisation.

The event was organised by the Krakow University of Economics, our Leading Partner in this project, and it took place in Krakow, Poland. There, representatives of all 12 partners came together to officially start the project off and plan all the activities in the agenda for the next 6 months of the implementation.

The goal of the TASKFORCOME project is to increase engagement and commitment of key actors in social innovation. More concretely, the partners will improve the skills and develop targeted support for migrants and social entrepreneurs, and elaborate policy frameworks and related funding instruments. New learning tools will be developed as well as training packages and one-stop-shops that will be piloted in the participating regions. Last but not least, the project will develop strategies on how to empower migrants and entrepreneurs to act as drivers of social innovation.

TASKFORCOME tackles two of the major challenges of Europe today: the labour and social integration of Migrants and the systematic realisation of Social Innovation as a powerful engine for social and economic development. The project will develop ecosystems for inclusion and social innovation, where key actors work in new ways to provide services for citizens and possibilities for entrepreneurial business, together with universities, NGOs, public bodies and citizens, to create the conditions for innovation and development.

The main objective of this project is to develop local action plans and transnational blueprints to help the migrant and social entrepreneurship grow as channel of social innovation in involved regions through:

  • engagement and commitment of key actors;
  • improvement of skills of migrant and social entrepreneurs;
  • development of a one-stop-shop of targeted support for migrant and social entrepreneurs;
  • elaboration of policy frameworks and related funding instruments;
  • being able to sustain the co-creation/co-management of local Ecosystems for Inclusion and Social Innovation;
  • changing the bottom-up perspective of cohesive and economic development in CE regions.

The outputs are learning tools, training packages, one-stop-shops piloted and strategies targeting migrants and entrepreneurs, enabling them to act as drivers of social innovation in CE.

Its innovative approach relies in the creation of community and social hubs where bottom-up initiatives of inclusive entrepreneurship are co-developed (e.g. community social business); it relies also in the commitment of a partnership representing the main operating arms of an ecosystem: policy-making, migrants, business, education.

If you are interested and would like to keep up to date with the activities and events, please check our website and Twitter. Stay tuned!

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