Robotik Know How! – Final Event Report

The past week, two of CGE’s regular volunteers, Grisha & Matee, became trainers in the third part of Robotic-Know-How Youth Exchange. With the assistance from Anneirudh Sundurarajan, they developed a detailed week of events, which coupled with the Croatian sun made for a memorable event!

The trainers, Grisha and Matee, traveled to Otočac, Croatia where participants from Germany, France, and Croatia met for the third and final time. First exchange took place in Weimar, Germany – where participants got to know each other and experienced an extensive week filled with Edison Robots and even a RoboFight. Second exchange took place in Grenoble, France – where they used their creativity and robot’s help to create robot assisted imagery. For the third part, the participants took on further challenges in getting to understand the different types of robots and programmed them to do certain tasks.

The trainers presented various robots that could be classified as those for entertainment, work, and survival – or a combination of the two or all three. With imagination and personal experiences, ideas took shape. After which, they presented their work to each other and all the ideas were amazing. With creativity in mind, the participants were presented Raspberry Pi – hands on. Mixing hardware and writing software, to experiment and better understand the concept of interface. The lessons were mixed with hardware like Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs, LEDs, resistors, jumpers, motors, bread boards, infrared sensors and softwares like Scratch, Python 3, and FischerTechnik’s Robots. Even digital open badges were used – where 22 earners collected 46 badges and completed 22 quests.

Grisha, Matee, organizers, chaperones, and participants themselves reflected on the 9 months of learning and began brainstorming on improving the concept and modifying the project for next time. We extend a congratulations to all who took part across the three exchanges and thanks to the all the organisers and of course the trainers.

The group visited birthplace of Nikolas Tesla (Smiljan, Croatia) and saw a few of his inventions on display. Tesla is recognized for over 700 patents and the father of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.  

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