Building Bridges – A Podcast for Community Engagement

CGE has always promoted social integration and participation, as it believes in the benefits of belonging to a tightly-knit community, where everybody cares for each other. That’s why it’s now launching the Building Bridges podcast, a project intended to be a communication facilitator between society and civic, social and youth workers. Are you interested?

The creation of this project was motivated by the lack of recognition activists and NGOs get from the very relevant work they perform for their communities. Sharing their stories and positive impact on the lives of those around them is important and necessary, as it is to listen to people’s expectations regarding local initiatives. CGE wants to do exactly that, creating a friendly conversation among society, helping to build a bridge that brings the two sides of the problem closer, one step forward towards a better understanding of each other.

This podcast aims to be that dialogue platform, contributing to a stronger engagement between social work and society, strengthening the bonds between them. As a starting point, it will use the local reality in Erfurt, Thuringia and Germany.

The project’s main objectives are:

  • Improving society’s level of engagement on civic and social initiatives;
  • Sharing and promoting local beneficial projects for the community;
  • Expanding the general awareness of the positive impact of civic and social work.

In terms of implementation, the Building Bridges podcast will be comprised of regular episodes, featuring guests with a civic and social work background. Each episode will share interesting and captivating stories from the guest’s experiences, while also discussing relevant social issues and answering to the listeners questions.

Additionally, the project will also feature live events, allowing listeners to attend the episode’s recordings and meet the guests. Having everybody in the same room and at the same time will be the ultimate participation fostering activity. We are convinced that the podcast will have a positive impact on the local community of Erfurt, raising awareness for the beneficial consequences of social work!

Do you want to know more? Are you looking forward for the first episode? Then stay tuned in Building Bridges and CGE’s social media accounts, as developments will follow soon! 😉

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