Open Day Report

Summer is ending and the seasons change – new faces arrive and old friends return in autumn. Using this opportunity to (re-) introduce ourselves, CGE opened its doors last Friday for its 2018 Open Day.

Over the course of an afternoon, CGE’s staff members and volunteers presented the organisation’s work of the past year, introduced currently running projects and opened the window into what is yet to come. With the doors wide open, people just had to say “friend” and enter, and so did circa 20 people. An Open Day is always a fun and challenging activity, but with a full house everything feels even better.

Chairwoman Dr. Ammalia Podlaszewska formally introduced CGE, followed by Moritz Borchardt’s look into the civic education work of CGE. One topic directly leading into the next, Maryna Bykova presented CGE’s media literacy program, followed by Zafar Saydaliev, Paul Simonelli and Mariana Anthropelou on our efforts in the field of employability, before handing back to Ammalia Podlaszewska for sustainability and well-being. Next, our volunteers Duarte Lacerda, Ana Lancha and Anastasiia Soholovska presented the various opportunities CGE provides through the European Solidarity Corps, internships or volunteering, before Bojana Matuzovic outlined CGE’s local activities. The moderator, Moritz Borchardt, concluded the official part of the Open Day and formally opened the buffet and snack bar. Over coffee and many cookies, an interesting conversation was had and new connections were made, that we look forward to exploring further in the future.

The whole event had a great impact for CGE, not only for receiving all these people, but also on social media. The event was streamed live on Facebook and led to several contacts both before and, especially, after the event. In case you missed it, or if you just feel like watching it again, we got you covered:

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came by our office, all those who joined online via our live-stream and last but not least our volunteers who organised the Open Day in the first place. Until next time – and hopefully soon on one of our many local and international events in Erfurt, Europe and beyond!

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