Three amazing examples (+1 bonus) of how to study/teach/learn with inspiration, joy and growth

In the beginning of March, I and two other CGE representatives – Tamara and Anastasiia – went to the Erasmus+ training course “European Education: Utopia or reality?”, organised by the Shokkin Group Denmark on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Together with the participants from eight countries, we have discussed the status quo of various education systems in Europe.

The training, as expected, produced many good impacts, which changed my brain state. In this blog post I would like to share my “lessons learned” and tell you about three amazing examples (+1 bonus) of how to study/teach/learn with inspiration, joy and growth (both professional and personal). Here we go!


This one was new to me. One year of study, after main secondary school. Usually program has focus on some field (outdoor activities, gymnastic, music, etc). Pupils are living together, winning together, crying, loving, laughing… It could be more than family. You don’t need any special preparing to join one of the school. Only wish. 

More about the general concept:

Gymnasticefterskole, that we were visiting 👆🏽
Efterskole – family for this pupils 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I’m just really amazed by sport activities, but Efterskole can do EVERYTHING.


Special space for creative youngsters, who want to gain specific skills (robotic, performance, dance, craft-work, etc). Actually children create their own schedule and curricula according to personal wish and need. The idea that organizers of music festival can open own educational institution – amazing! 

About the Festival – 

About the School –…/…/roskilde-festival-folk-high-school-


“Perhaps, it is time for US to create schools for OUR children?” – thought parents and started their own educational temple. The curricula is the same, but approach and financial regulation is decentralized and much more effective (from the words of director). Quite standard shape (like in Germany, Ukraine, Holland), but looks like pupils are more free and cheerful.

More info:…/private-schools-in-denmark .

🎁 +1 BONUS

The concept grew from the idea that pupils are the equal agents of the education process. They have right to be heard, right to decide, right to participate. This seed was grown in different places and from different people, but from the one need. Community – is the main value in such schools. It is an environment, tool, motivator, supporter, teacher and you are part of this team.

Great cartoon about Democratic Education

It doesn’t matter from which country are you. There are a lot of great educators around. They always were. Some of them proposed alternative to common daily schools and created an AMAZING EDUCATIONAL SPACE. Take a look:

🇩🇰 in Denmark – Grundwig and concept of Efterskol.
🇩🇪  in Germany – Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Pedagogy,
🇺🇦  in Ukraine – Grigorii Skovoroda, 
🇮🇹  in Italy – Maria Montessori,
🇷🇺 in Russian Federation – Anton Makarenko and Lev Tolstoi with Yasno-Polyanskaya school, 
🇺🇸 in the USA – Democratic school and Sudbury Valley, 
🇳🇱 in the Netherlands – Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method and concept of Gerard Endenburg at schools. 

I am pretty sure, in other countries people have their own heroes! 

Their ideas and “experiments” made (and still making) life of some people bright and fulfilled. Their ideas are making the world better place! Say YES to diverse approaches in education!

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