Back to the Future: First-Quarter Summary

Back to the Future: First Quarter Summary

Follow-up activities and evaluation are essential tools and mechanisms to ensure that civil society is both making a difference and is able to communicate its impact and value to communities, individuals, funders, and itself. Within previous projects, such as Community Goes Europe, CGE has integrated follow-up activities into its projects to map its long-term impacts as well as to enable relfections on how to re-work structures and the flow of projects.

That is why CGE-Erfurt is excited to be engaging in the Back to the Future KA205, and will be leading on the development of the online platform for the strategic partnership focused on supporting effective follow-up activites and review.

About the Project

The project “Back to the future: Redefining the Follow up of International Youth Events” was approved for Erasmus+ KA205 funding in 2020. The project brings together 6 organizations from 5 EU countries to find better strategies, platforms, expert opinions on how to ensure better follow-up actions among youth organisations.

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation and subsequent travel restrictions the Kick-off meeting, planned to take place in Cyprus, took place online on 2nd and 3rd October 2020. MRL and partner organizations discussed the timelines, strategies, division of tasks and methodologies to achieve the set Intellectual Outputs:

  • (IO1) Effective follow-up of international youth mobilities on a local level. This publication will show the existing practices, platforms, specific examples and approaches to follow up and support to participants before, during and after the youth event.
  • (IO2) Online Support Platform for impact assessment. This interactive platform (in initial phases of development already) will incorporate uploading information about findings on methodologies, techniques and activities on better follow-up measures. This multi-lingual platform will sort and filter, creating profiles and monitoring learning for users, offering e-learning opportunities (courses) and present information using audio, images, graphics, animations, videos, etc.
  • (IO3) Set of recommendations towards youth organizations and institutions. Directed to the Commission, International and local organization and other institutions working with youth will receive this free set of recommendations on improving follow-up activities in their events. 

The research on IO1 and IO2 is already been underway. All partner organizations have successfully conducted Focus Group Discussion on existing and preferred practices on follow-up activities. The Platform’s design has been approved and the content creation will follow soon after the agreement between partners who meet every month in virtual space.

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