Community Goes Europe 3: On-Arrival Training of Sofia

From 15 to 20 of February, one of our volunteers had the European Solidarity Corps “on arrival” seminar. 

It’s a one week seminar prepared by the Youth National Agency (Jugend für Europa), in which the volunteers that are doing the same ESC program, meet together.

It is an important event, in which volunteers can know their rights and conditions of the ESC program, can get some monitoring and orientation and be better informed about different topics related to it.

This week’s event was mainly organized by two young german volunteers, Daniela and Simon, who also already experienced volunteering abroad. 

This opportunity allows all volunteers to meet each other, share their goals for this challenging volunteer time and share their experiences and cultures.

Some activities included:

  • presenting each volunteer’ project, the organisation and the city in Germany that they are living now; 
  • do our own postcard of Germany, so we could share our favorite places and things in the country so far; 
  • showing what means solidarity for us, through a challenge of pictures, article news, songs;
  • writing a letter to ourselves about some thoughts and feelings, so we can read later when the volunteer program is finished;
  • learn and think about the importance of communication, through case and situation studies;
  • get to know the youth reporter website (, in which volunteers can use it as a tool to write articles and blog posts about their volunteering time.

At the end, it’s interesting and impressive how everybody could spend a nice time together even though it was online, it allowed somehow people to connect, share experiences, speak and meet each other. 

And in challenging times share thoughts and feelings online through video calls, memes, gifs or just nice emojis. 🙂

My ESC On-Arrival Training

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