Unsung Hero Dialogues // Futurelab Thüringen #3

How can we further develop civil society in the future and what framework do we have to change to guarantee the future functioning of civil society? A group of local experts from various parts of our society, has been analyzing the challenges of civil society in Thuringia since June 2021 and is dealing with this question right now. In the past meetings, the team has dealt with the various recognizable problems of civil society work, identified their causes and established interdependencies. These causes of problems such as the rivalry between different actors or the lack of involvement of socially disadvantaged people lie in the lack of clarity about what civil society work is, the unequal distribution of resources such as time, money and public attention, the private dependence of the actors on their work and the internal logic of action in public administration. The resulting fields of action can now be derived from the resulting relationships, for which the team of local experts develop solutions in the form of political recommendations.

  • Distribution of existing resources and information
  • Appreciation and understanding from public administration
  • Appreciation of / participation in civil society in public / society
  • Funding / promotion of civil society

The team is now developing proposed solutions for these focal points, which will address various subtopics. These deal, for example, with sharing existing knowledge and resources, opening up multifunctional spaces or new rules for the common funding landscape. In the next step of the local events, the team will develop these solutions into solid recommendations. These are then presented and handed over to politicians and decision-makers at the state level in a concluding event.

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