A Year in One Blogpost – Andreea Kristea on ESK Volunteering in CGE

Bună din nou! Hello there again! Allow me to give you a small insight into my ESC year with CGE. For those who don’t know, my name is Andreea and I have just finished my volunteering year here in Erfurt. I also wrote a blogpost when I first started last November, go and check that one out too 😉 

The last year exceeded my expectations! I met so many different people from all over the globe, had so many experiences and oh well… take me back already. The cherry on top, I even had the possibility of participating alongside the rest of the team in a Staff-Joint Training Course organised by EduPlus in Tenerife. Definitely something I’ll remember!

I already had some volunteering experience before joining the team but being with CGE really took that a step further. It was such a great pleasure volunteering here – and what I wished for last November (e.g. learning about project management and NGOs) became a reality, something I am really grateful for.

My time here turned out to be so much more than I initially expected. I also had the opportunity to organise my own events, not just assist in the existing ones. And so, I decided to have regular game nights for people living in Erfurt, including my friends. With this opportunity, I managed to expand my local network and help others do the same, all while having some fun. It really helped making my year more socially active.

So many things have happened in the past year that a blogpost isn’t enough. All in all, I learned a lot, grew as a person and made amazing friends! Now on to the next adventure 🙂

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